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I have an idea for a Las Vegas hotel replacing the Casino with a giant arcade.

Seriously, Las Vegas is one of the closest big cities to the Hoover Dam. In fact, the Hoover Dam basically built Las Vegas. So I was thinking "what if a family wants to go see the Hoover Dam or any of the museums in Las Vegas, but don't want to go to a hotel with a casino?" or "What if someone knows they have a severe gambling addiction and knows that they would lose of their money if they went to a hotel with a casino?" Essentially, I was thinking, "What if someone wants to go to Las Vegas, but not to gamble?" Seriously, Las Vegas has Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum and one of the Madame Tussauds Wax Museums. So many museums are all around Las Vegas, some of which are great for families. And of course that proximity to the Hoover Dam. So I thought, "why not replace the Casino with an Arcade?" So maybe theme the entire hotel around video games? Have consoles and games be rentable for periods of time, including retro consoles like the NES, the Nintendo 64, the Sega Genesis, etc. Then, have the game companies create hotel-exclusive stuff like skins and stuff like that, which, if you log in to the console with your home account, gives you that hotel-exclusive stuff as kind of a virtual souvenir. It would work as video games have had location exclusive stuff for a long time (think about those times when video games had people go to stores in order to receive rewards). The consoles with the accounts would be specially designed that after the person is done, the accounts will be logged out and removed from the console. There will also be computers in each room to allow for people to use their Steam/other accounts and/or to plan out their day. Overall, it will be mostly for families, for those who want to go see the museums of Las Vegas without gambling, and/or for those who want to see the Hoover Dam.
So, what do you think? Is my idea feasible?
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「Invisible Touch」first post, feel free to criticize to improve it or nerf it (sorry if there are spelling/grammar mistakes, english isn't my first language)

STAND NAME: 「Invisible Touch」 a song from the band Genesis
STAND USER: Phil Collins (same name as one of the members of the band)
STAND TYPE: close range (2 meters from the user), automatic stand (irrelevant)
A human robotic human form and size stand with semi transparent hands with black joints (every joint) like that of a doll. The stand has a hood that falls down the torso and the legs at mid-shin from a mix of purple/pink/blue/white/black colors moving like a galaxy picture or (light spoiler) the background from G.E.R. 's ability. The stand has a counter on its chest that changes depending on the ability. The stand's face has a pair of yellow headlight as eyes along with a human mouth, it lacks however a nose. The rest of the body is white in color for the face and reddish-purple for the arms and legs.
The stand has almost no personality aside from being extremely overprotective of its user activating on its own to protect its user from attacks before the user realizes he is attacked by using its ability. Otherwise, the stand only does what his user wants and can even help whoever it is shared with by suggesting the best actions to increase the odds in their favor making it very cold and calculative with others.
Luck transaction:
The stand touches the victim and places a mark on them, one for each finger for a maximum of 10. If the user tags 10 people and tags an eleventh, the first person tagged will be rid of the mark. If the victim tries to trick the user in any way such as lying or cheating in a game the stand will remove luck from the victim and give it to the user converting it to a number that appears on its chest. The user can also suffer the effect of the ability. The mark can't be removed and is always active no matter where in the world the victim is, the mark can only be removed if the user gives back all the luck taken (willingly or by tricking the victim), if the stand takes it back (by touching the victim or giving the mark to another) and if the user ends up touching them with his bare hands. In that case the mark disappears and the lost luck is given back without the user losing any of it.
The amount of luck that the user uses is fully controlled by him. It can be used for a variety of usage going from everyday activities to fighting and gambling. The number of luck taken from someone that tried to trick the user is 100 which equals the odds of successfully asking someone out, for buying a winning lottery ticket it costs 1 000 000 per ticket and to create accidents to slow or stop an enemy it is anywhere in between 10 to 1 000 depending on what happens. When the user is spending his luck, nothing can harm him, guns will misfire until it is pointed elsewhere for exemple, this will happen until either the user has no more stored luck and is left with his natural luck or when he stops using it up.
The ability fails on if the target is a stand without a living user.
Luck conversion:
If someone or someone's stand whether or not they are tagged the physical force used will be turned into luck that is taken from the attacker as soon as it touches the palm of 「Invisible Touch」and take it from the attacker. This ability is in part because of the overprotective nature of the stand. The stand can stop every punch from a stand rush attack.
Shared odds:
The user can share both the accumulated luck with someone giving them a specific amount, there is no limit to the amount of people the user can share with. If the user shares his stand, he also shares the total amount of luck he has and can only do so with one person. When the stand is shared, it can talk to the other person to help them, the sharing's range is only 4 meters from the user.
Stand cry:
While quickly touching its victim, the stand will cry : Oi!
While the stand is protecting its user from a stand rush for exemple using Luck conversion, it will cry: Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi vey! The vey! is used when it goes in to tag the stand or the user.
Phil bought a stand arrow unknowingly whiel on a trip in Italy (after the events of Golden Wind). After finding the arrow in a souvenir he accidentaly cut his finger on it. Later on, he went to a casino with some friends where at realized, at a poker table, that an odd arm with a see-through hand came from behind his back. He soon realized that after it touched the dealer, his luck become excellent until he ran the dealer ran out of luck and he spent all of it.
He would later continue experimenting with his stand in other casinos as well as chance games and bets until he ended up seeing his full stand while at a high bid table in Las Vegas where he saw the counter on its chest and started to learn how to control the amount of luck he spends as well as when he starts consuming it.
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La fille à son papa

Ceci est l’histoire de ma mort et de mon héritage.
Mais commençons tout d’abord par des présentations et un bref historique de mon existence. Je m’appelle Mike, je tue des gens, et je suis payé pour ça.
J’ignore si mon métier porte un nom exacte. Tuer des gens pour le gouvernement et assurer ainsi le maintient d’un ordre discutable dans le monde, je ne pense pas que ce soit réellement une profession reconnue.
Et si je fais ce travail, c’est parce qu’à l’âge de 15 ans, une armée de psychiatre a décelé chez moi une personnalité sociopathique susceptible de faire de moi un dangereux psychopathe. Ce qu’ils ont dit, c’est que j’étais inapte à témoigner de l’empathie, de la compassion et des émotions complexes. Ce que j’ai compris, c’est qu’il ne me manquait pas qu’une case, mais un échiquier en entier.
Direction l’hôpital psychiatrique où des docteurs payés un demi million le mois se sont demandés quel travail conviendrait à un individu sans attributs moraux. Ils m’ont donc envoyés à l’armée, là où, selon eux, mon manque d’empathie servirait peut-être à quelque chose.
Je n’y suis resté que deux mois. Incapable de travailler en équipe mais très bon viseur et d’une forme quasi athlétique, j’ai été muté dans un autre secteur. Un type en costume trois pièce est un jour venu me voir et m’a demandé de signer les documents qu’il me tendait. Ces derniers rendaient mon identité inexistante, ma vie sans valeur et assuraient ma formation en tant que tireur d’élite, empoisonneur et assassin. Ils m’ont formé à tirer au fusil d’assaut, au pistolet, au fusil à pompe, au bazooka, à manier un couteau, une machette, un katana, à me rendre discret comme une ombre dans la nuit. J’ai des connaissances très détaillées en anatomie humaine et en biochimie des poisons.
Puis, ils m’ont envoyé sur le terrain. J’avais des missions d’exécution aux quatre coins du monde. J’ai abattu des trafiquants de drogue au Mexique, des néonazis en Autriche, des islamistes radicaux en Afghanistan, des économistes en Amérique, un biochimiste en Belgique, un milliardaire en Chine, un mac en Malaisie et un accordéoniste en France. J’atterrissais dans ledit pays, j’exécutais la personne selon des indications précises et je reprenais l’avion pour rentrer au pays pour y subir une évaluation psychologique et attendre de nouvelles directives.
Et puis, un soir, alors que je venais d’embrocher un bureaucrate sur sa brochette de poulet, j’ai rencontré cette femme dans un bar. J’ai couché avec elle et elle m’a laissé son numéro de téléphone en précisant que si je revenais dans le coin, il suffisait que je l’appelle. Je ne l’ai pas revue durant un an et deux mois. Et quand je l’ai rappelée, elle m’a dit que j’étais papa d’une petite fille.
Ah. D’accord.
Puisque j’étais psychologiquement inapte à fonder une famille et que, de toute façon, cela m’était interdit par mes contrats de travail, je lui envoyais de l’argent mensuellement pour que ma fille ait une vie décente et je venais de temps en temps la voir pour prendre de ses nouvelles et passer du temps avec elle.
Ce qui s’est passé ensuite était très étrange.
J’ai éprouvé des sentiments.
En emmenant ma fille au musée, en lui lisant des histoires et en l’écoutant me raconter des choses sur la vie des chevaux, j’ai éprouvé des sentiments. J’allais la voir tous les samedis et tous les lundis, je ne pensais qu’au samedi suivant.
Les choses insipides de la vie avaient un goût sucré avec elle. Les choses insignifiantes qu’elle me racontaient étaient d’un intérêt capital. La vie des manchots étaient soudainement la chose la plus extraordinaire dont j’ai entendu parlé.
J’ignorais et j’ignore encore ce qu’être un bon père signifie. Je n’ai jamais rencontré ses professeurs, ses amies d’école, jamais assisté à ses anniversaires. Je ne faisait qu’appeler sa mère d’une cabine téléphonique le vendredi soir et venir la chercher le samedi matin pour l’emmener au musée ou à la bibliothèque. On mangeait une glace dans le parc s’il faisait beau, on mangeait au restaurant le midi ou le soir. Lorsqu’il neigeait, nous faisions un bonhomme de neige.
Je prenais soins de me laver avant de venir la chercher, parce que sa mère m’avait dit qu’une enfant ne pouvait pas voir son père avec du sang sur les mains. Je ne prenais pas non plus d’arme avec moi parce qu’elle m’avait aussi dit que cela pouvait être dangereux. Je surveillais mon langage, veillant à ne pas dire de vilains mots et à ne pas lui parler des meurtres. Je faisais des efforts pour sourire.
Et puis, un jour, sa mère n’a pas répondu au téléphone. Je me suis renseigné et on m’a dit qu’elle avait fait un accident de voiture et qu’elle était morte. Ce n’était pas tant l’accident qui l’avait tué, mais plutôt la cocaïne qu’elle avait sniffé, l’héroïne qu’elle s’était injecté, le cannabis qu’elle avait fumé et l’alcool que avait ingurgité. Son organisme, fragilisé par l’accident, n’avait pas tenu le coup.
Du coup, ma fille a été placée dans un orphelinat et, comme je n’avais, officiellement, aucun lien de parenté avec elle, il m’étais interdit de la voir.
Ma vie d’avant a repris. J’ai continué à tuer des gens pour le gouvernement dans des pays clés. Le samedi, j’allais à la bibliothèque et au musée, j’empruntais des livres pour enfants et en apprenais plus sur la vie des phoques. Cependant, puisque ce n’était que le livre qui me l’apprenais et non ma fille, je ne ressentais à nouveau plus rien. Ce n’étaient que des informations vides, sans le moindre sens, que je classait avec les étapes de montage d’une arme et les dernières paroles d’une mère de famille en Angola.
Pendant huit ans, j’ai abattu des centaines de personnes et les jetant par la fenêtre, en leur injectant de l’insuline en excès, en les forçant à se tirer une balle dans la bouche ou en leur tranchant l’artère fémorale dans un marché bondé. Et puis, il y a eu cette mission à Las Vegas. De la routine, rien d’extraordinaire. Trouver un trafiquant d’arme biélorusse accro au jeu, lui renverser une boisson dessus et l’accompagner aux toilettes pour laver son costume blanc et l’étrangler avec une corde à piano.
Le problème, c’est qu’après avoir exécuter les deux premières étapes, je ne me souviens de rien. Je me suis réveillé à l’hôpital, menotté à mon lit avec des bandages couvrant des égratignures et des bleus. J’ai reçu la visite de policiers et d’un inspecteur du nom de Donald Clinton. Je ne leur ai rien dit, pas plus qu’aux infirmières et aux docteurs. Et puis, un type en costume trois pièces s’est pointé et m’a annoncé la nouvelle. À Las Vegas, j’avais tué vingt-trois personnes, dont le trafiquant d’armes biélorusse. Selon les experts, j’aurais vidé le chargeur de mon Beretta sur le trafiquant et ses sbires, puis rechargé et tiré sur d’autres personnes, puis rechargé à nouveau, tiré, rechargé et tiré jusqu’à m’effondrer sur la moquette en convulsant. Trois pistolets différents utilisés, quatre chargeurs et un total de 60 balles de 9 mm parabellum tirées en moins de cinq minutes sur vingt-trois personnes, dont cinq balles dans la tête du trafiquant.
Les policiers m’ont demandé si je me rendais compte que j’avais ôté la vie à vingt-trois personnes, mais pour moi, ce n’était qu’un chiffre. Étant incapable de me mettre à la place de qui que ce soit, je me suis contenté de hausser les épaules. Après tout, vingt-trois sur les centaines de personnes que j’ai tué pour le gouvernement, ce n’est pas grand-chose.
Un électroencéphalogramme et un scanner cérébral plus tard, on m’annonçait que j’avais une tumeur cérébrale inopérable. Symptômes : absences, hallucinations et maux de tête, le tout à ajouter à ma sociopathie.
Il vous reste entre trois semaines et trois mois à vivre en fonction de l’avancée de la tumeur.
Ah. D’accord.
La nuit suivante, comme on me l’avais appris, j’ai déboîté mon pouce et je me suis défait de mes menottes. Je suis sorti et j’ai assommé le garde qui devait m’empêcher de sortir. Nous avons échangé de vêtements et je l’ai installé à ma place dans le lit.
Mon objectif était de retrouver ma fille, le seul être qui m’ait fait ressentir quelque chose, et lui dire au revoir, mais, je ne sais pas pourquoi, la police a voulu m’en empêcher. Peut-être à cause de l’affaire du casino à Las Vegas ?
L’inspecteur Clinton était aux commandes de l’affaire, comme le disait les médias. Je savais qu’ils me chercheraient partout, alors je suis allé là où ils ne me chercheraient pas : dans leurs locaux. J’ai tendu un câble entre la porte du bureau de D. Clinton et la goupille d’une grenade incendiaire et je suis parti.
Clinton est parti aussi. Par la fenêtre. Expulsé par le souffle de la grenade.
J’ai tenté de tuer le moins de gens possible sur mon chemin afin de rester discret. Cependant, avec mes absences, je ne peux pas affirmer avec certitude que personne n’est mort compte tenu du fait que j’ai changé de modèle de pistolet et que je me suis retrouvé au volant d’une voiture de police sans avoir le souvenir de ces actions.
Je me suis arrêté en route et je suis entré dans une librairie. J’ai menacé la vendeuse de mon arme et lui ai demandé de me trouver de beaux livres sur les animaux du grand nord et les chevaux. Elle pleurait alors je lui ai dit que si elle n’en avait pas, ce n’était pas grave, que je trouverais une autre librairie, mais ça ne l’a pas consolée. Au final, puisqu’elle ne faisait rien d’autre que rester là à pleurer, je suis allé moi-même chercher lesdits ouvrages. j’ai trouvé de très beaux livres de photographies et je les ai pris. En sortant, j’ai montré quelques photos à la libraire en espérant qu’elle cesse de pleurer, mais, je ne sais pas pourquoi, ça n’a pas fonctionné.
Il faisait nuit lorsque je suis arrivé à l’orphelinat – en ayant à nouveau changé de voiture et emporté un fusil à pompe sans en avoir le souvenir. J’ai assommé l’un des gardes en lui tapant la tête contre son bureau. L’autre, je l’ai tué par réflexe alors qu’il essayait de me frapper.
J’ai cherché et trouvé la chambre où logeait ma fille. Ce n’était pas très difficile. La porte étant fermée à clef, je l’ai défoncée d’un coup de pied, je suis entré et j’ai allumé la lumière. Au total, il y avait quatre demoiselles qui dormaient dans cette chambre. J’ai jeté hors de la pièce les trois autres et je suis resté avec ma fille.
Durant toutes ces années, j’avais oublié que les enfants grandissent. Je m’attendais à trouver une petite fille de neuf ans, mais à la place, je me suis retrouvé devant une adolescente de dix-sept ans. Elle était très belle. Plus belle que sa mère. Elle ne pleurait pas, contrairement aux autres. Je lui ai donné les livres, je me suis installé avec elle sur le lit et j’ai ouvert le livre sur les animaux du grand froid. Elle souriait à mesure que je lui rappelait ce qu’elle m’avais appris sur ces êtres.
Les manchots élèvent un poussin unique, contrairement aux autres oiseaux qui pondent plusieurs œufs. Des morses flottent à la verticale, comme des bouchons, avec juste le tête sortant de l’eau. Les orques peuvent sortir de l’eau et se déplacer sur la plage pour attraper leurs proies. Les requins du Groenland ont une espérance de vie dépassant les 200 ans.
J’ai eu une absence et, lorsque j’ai repris mes esprits, j’étais assis sur le lit, avec sur mes genoux le livre sur les chevaux ouvert à la page des pure-sang arabes. Ma fille était face à moi, debout, et elle tenait mon pistolet qu’elle pointait sur moi. Son visage n’exprimait pas plus de sentiments que moi. La position de ses mains était parfaite. Ses jambes étaient juste assez écartées que pour lui assurer une bonne stabilité. Le cran d’arrêt était défait.
Elle m’a demandé si elle pouvait le garder. Je lui ai dit oui.
Elle a pressé la détente. Trois fois.
J’ai senti les balles me traverser la cage thoracique, j’ai entendu gicler mon sang sur les draps du lit et le mur de briques couvert de peinture blanche derrière moi être percé par trois fois. J’ai toussé du sang sur le livre qui est tombé au sol. Je me suis effondrer en arrière, sur le lit. Les draps buvaient mon sang, mon cœur, percé, ne battait plus.
J’ai souris, d’un sourire de sang. Les yeux fermés, les bras écartés.
J’étais fier.
Elle est bien la fille de son père.
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ULPT: While playing a table game at a casino, secretly pocket some of your own chips so that when you color out, the pit boss marks you down as losing more money than you actually did, and spending more money gets you more comps. (More casino tips inside)

Keep in mind the dealers do have an idea of how much you actually lost so you can’t go crazy with it. Also if they catch you doing it more than once, they will tell the pit boss about it. It’s not illegal or anything to take your own chips off your stack, but they don’t like people trying to lie about how much they won or lost. When you’re done at the table, ask to color out and the dealer will exchange your chips for higher denomination ones so they’re easier for you to hold/carry. They then call the pit boss over to look at the chips and make sure the dealer exchanged for the right amount. This is when the pit boss sees what you’re walking away with and marks down how much you won or lost.
-When you leave a table, always cash your chips in at the cage before going to another table and then buy in with cash again at the new table so it appears that you are spending more. In the casinos eyes, if you sit down at a new table with chips from another table, then you’re not spending more money, just the same money at a different table. You want it to look like you’re spending a lot. The pit boss keeps track of how much you are buying in for each time you sit down at a table (you always give them your players card when you sit down so they can put the info on your account.)They also keep track of how much you are wagering per hand, but in my opinion it’s not worth it to wager more than you’re comfortable with just to increase your comps. You could end up losing a LOT more money than what the comps will be worth.
I’ve personally done all of these “tips” except the waiting on line one and the sticking my card in slot machines for other people to earn me points. But I have seen other people pull off the waiting in line trick, and I have forgotten my card in a slot machine many times and came back for it to find someone playing with my card still in there getting points for their play. And the using someone else’s card for free parking, the person who owns the high level card was my friend.
Thanks for reading, hope this helps some people out on their next trip to the casino! I’d be happy to answer any questions about casinos or Las Vegas for anybody who’s planning a trip out here. (Disclaimer- I don’t work for a casino I just hang out in them a lot)
Edit: hi everybody, this post has got a lot of attention so I want to add- There are some people commenting who actually work the floor in casinos who disagree with some of the things I’ve written, so, even though I know these things have worked for me, you might want to read those comments before actually trying any of the tips and then decide who you want to take advice from. Thanks for reading!
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What's Happening in CT: 1/16 - 1/19

Thursday, January 16th, 2020:

Friday, January 17th, 2020:

Saturday, January 18th, 2020:

Sunday, January 19th, 2020:

Find more things to do this weekend here!

Check out some new movies like these:

Friday, January 10th
The Informer
Like a Boss
Friday, January 17th
Bad Boys for Life
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Las Vegas Report from a first timer

I've only been playing craps for a few months. I wanted to learn before I went to Las Vegas. It was my first time in Vegas and my wife hasn't been for 10 or so years.
This report is from 5/4/2019-5/18/2019.
We play in Michigan and Indiana for the most part. There is a Boyd property out here we have been going to for a few years. We were able to get free rooms at the Fremont for 2 nights and Gold Coast for 2 nights. We went to MGM in Detroit once with her mom and they send us offers all the time to go to Vegas. We decided to take them up on it and were able to get 4 nights at the Luxor.
I had a budget of $200/day. My goal was to play $5 craps where I could.
The first weekend we spent mostly at the Fremont. I enjoyed playing at the tables with the older guys and a more relaxed crowd. Always had a $5 table open and the dealers were really nice. I tried to make some 2 way hard ways and yo's and the dealers really seemed to appreciate that. They remembered my name and were always very kind to me. One dealer even flipped the dice to 3-3 for me when he sent them my way to save me time. I really enjoyed playing there.
I saw that they had a shooters club at Fremont and found it curious. I was able to roll 20 and 23 times while I was there, but that's not even close to getting on the wall. I was playing mostly the pass and 6-8 occasionally taking a 5/9 with my winnings. I didn't make much, but people around the table did.
We found our way down to the D and Golden Gate on Sunday afternoon. My wife really enjoyed the Golden Gate and I did as well. Always found 5 dollar tables and at night they have the dancing dealers, which is always a nice thing to look at. Dealers were great any my wife was able to earn comps there quickly. Paid for our dinner at Pizza Rock on just her comps. The D was pretty nice too, but was very loud at night and more crowded.
We had a nice room at the Luxor and spent our first day there (Thursday) walking around the hotels. I was trying to collect a dollar chip from any casino that we went into as a souvenir. Luxor was $10 everytime I was there. 2 tables open in the morning with no one playing. I asked if they would lower it to play, but they declined. We walked to Excalibur and I was able to play for $5 anytime except for Saturday night after 8. They did have a $5 crapless table, but it was crowded and I don't like it. The house edge is high.
I had some coupons for match play at Planet Hollywood so I did play $10 there for about 3 shooters but I lost my money quickly. We had to make some bets for my brother at Caesars so we used his card to park there for free. I did bet one shooter there just to say I played at Caesars.
As you can imagine, the nicer hotels were all $10 and up. I was able to find $5 briefly during the day at Treasure Island and played there for a little while.
We went back downtown the Saturday and Sunday where we could afford to play. My wife found her home at Four Queens. She loved sitting in the Keno room and playing the live Keno and a Keno machine at the same time. She also enjoyed playing High Card Flush and Texas Holdem there. I played craps there for quite a long time, but the dealers for that shift weren't as friendly.
For the most part I would win $100 somewhere and loss $100 somewhere. But I kept most of my money throughout the trip.
Our last weekend we stayed at Gold Coast and played there on Thursday night. We went back downtown Friday night to play at the Golden Gate and Binions. My wife hit a jackpot in slots at Golden Gate before we left that won back all of the money we lost. We left Las Vegas even on money after paying for dinners and such.
It was a really fun trip. I know with my bankroll Vegas can be tough. But we aren't fancy people so downtown was perfect for us. We earned some comps and plan to stay at a Boyd property or the D when we go back in February (we had Disneyland tickets for one day. I've never been and she hasn't been since 1998. But my wife got sick so it's an excuse to go back.). Hoping we can put the money we came back with away to use as a bankroll next time.
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Martingales: The House Goes Bust

Part One: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Part Two: Instruments of Darkness
Part Three: Absolute Zero
Part Four: All Sevens
Part Five: Whale-Watching
Part Six: On the Shores of Oblivion
Part Seven: Ante Up
“Okay, what the hell is this?” Martin’s confusion is evident in his tone as he takes in the sight before him, slowly stepping out of the elevator as he does so. Rather than the sumptuous yet gaudy building he’s been used to, here it looks like he’s entered into some ancient Greek temple. Worn columns reach to support a supposed ceiling, and rather than carpet, colorful flecks of tile make sweeping images that spread across the floor. The walls are stone as well, daubed in paint and carved with expressions of stern individuals, and of others kneeling before the banks of a snow-white winding path. No, not a path, a river, Martin notes as, upon closer inspection, he sees hands reaching into the depths, and others raised before mouths.
“Welcome to the Executive Level, Mister Gale,” A smooth voice says from beside him, causing the boy to jump a solid foot. An immaculate looking man in black suit and tie stands beside him, his face masked with an inscrutable mask of tragic woe. “Your friend mentioned that you were having troubles with your memories; please, allow me to be of assistance.”
Martin turns to look for Anthony, but only an elevator door is to be seen, the lift hidden behind twins doors of steel.
“Come now, Mister Gale, let’s have a conversation, you and me. Are you thirsty, hungry?” The masked figure saunters deeper into the room. Beyond a fountain of oily black water and that looks like its offering liquid snow, there sits a stone table, a pair of chairs on opposite sides. Well, a throne and a chair; the one beside the fountains is tall-backed and imperiously proud compared to its counterpart. Settling into his throne, the man gestures to the chair across from him. Martin’s teeth gnaw at his lip in concern, but he gradually makes his way into the room. As he does so, he notes the ceiling, where two figures are coiled overhead. Each is the mirror of the other, one dressed in white and with platinum tresses, while one is dressed in the inky coils of night. They stare down from overhead, neither lesser than the other.
“There we are.” The man says as Martin settles into the chair across from him. A gloved hand sweeps across the table in a casual grandness. What Martin thought was just a stone table bears second inspection, as it turns out to be tiled with squares of obsidian and some white stone-
Howlite, his mind supplies, though he hadn’t had a clue the word existed until that moment.
-Obsidian and howlite. On the table, a richly lacquered box rests. The figure across from Martin opens the lid, and begins to pull piece after piece from within. A chessboard, with pieces of onyx and moonstone.
“Do you play, Mister Gale?” the man asks.
“I- uh, I don’t know, but I-!” The confusion of this situation is all encompassing; whatever Martin had expected up here, it was not a chess game with a masked individual in what looks like a forgotten ruin. He begins to protest, but is cut off by one gloved finger being raised. The figure, whomever they are, commands authority to silence with even just a gesture.
”Right, I should’ve guessed. Well, let’s see what you remember, then. I find it easier to talk while my hands are distracted. Memory goes first, and the House responds.” The gloved hand goes from interdiction to encouragement. Martin looks down to the pieces, but his gaze lingers for only a moment before he’s back and focused on the stranger across from him. Another stranger and place he doesn’t understand, again!
“I don’t even know who you are,” Martin glowers at the tragic mask sitting opposite. “Why should I play?”
“You’re right, you’re right of course, Mister Gale. How about this then; we’ll include an ante for each piece taken. With each successful capture, the loser shall answer the question of the claimant, and do so truthfully. And as a show of good faith, I’ll give you an answer unbidden.” The woe-struck mask leans across the table, looking at Martin with a misery that he can feel deep within his chest. Pinpricks of red light can be seen within the depths, but anything remotely passable as eyes cannot be seen.
“You may call me Stamatios the Tragic,” a sibilant hiss of a sentence comes from behind the mask. It takes all of Martin’s effort to avoid shivering, but the displeasure must be clear on his face as Stamatios leans back into his throne.
“And now that we’re acquainted, Mister Gale, let us begin the game.”
Black 1; White 0
“First piece to me, Mister Gale,” Stamatios notes as a bone-white pawn goes back into the box. It was bound to happen, Martin figured. It had to be done to succeed down the road.
“How is your head feeling? Anthony had mentioned that you were still dealing with one doozy of a migraine when we talked.”
“It’s… better,” Martin says guardedly. He’ll play by the rules of the game, even the added ante, if it means getting some iota of knowledge from the stranger across from him. “But I still can’t remember much.”
“Well, I’ve always found that a little bit of knowledge can be a most dangerous thing…”
Black 1; White 2
“Well done, Mister Gale,” Stamtios says approvingly, “in just a few moves, you’ve claimed a pair of pawns. Have you had time to think of your questions?”
“What is this place is my first one.”
“Good, good. This room is a penthouse suite for my brother and myself to reflect and separate ourselves from the world. Just as the Lotus is a place of refuge for some, we need that ourselves.”
“A brother… Do I have any siblings, then?”
“A sister, that I have been told of; my brother would know better,” Stamatios sighs. Martin is hooked though. What he couldn’t get from Anthony in the terms of answers has been claimed here in just minutes! And what’s more, that proves the dream was right! A sister, a father and mother, cousins and uncles; a whole family is out there waiting for him!
“Can I-” He begins to press his advantage, but a warning finger is raised again.
“Questions, questions Mister Gale. If you want answers, you must play better.”
Black 3; White 3
A pair of white pieces return to the box soon after, along with an ebony as well.
“Two for me, and one for you, Mister Gale. You seem to have come off a little rougher on this exchange. I think I will hold onto my questions for now; feel free to ask yours, though.”
“Can I talk to your brother?”
“I certainly believe you could, yes. But he is not in currently, and I have no way of contacting him that you can use, I am afraid. Do not worry though, Mister Gale. If he wishes to talk with you, he will make himself known to you.”
Black 4; White 3
“”Mister Gale, what do you think of Anthony?” Stamatios the Tragic asks as he a white rook finds its way into the box.
“I… I don’t trust him. I think he’s lied to me about a lot of things here. I think I trust you more than I trust him,” Martin admits. “At least you didn’t try buddying up to me as a friend.”
“Hmm, I see… It’s a shame that some people have such disreputable motives. Taking advantage of someone’s memory lapses like that; simply boorish behavior.”
Black 6; White 3
“Mister Gale, you simply need to play sharper, you won’t get any answers at this rate.” The pieces are definitely looking lopsided in their box, with ivory outnumbering ebony by a significant amount.
“How does it feel, knowing nothing of yourself?”
“It’s… it’s not something I like. I feel like someone took five different puzzles and tossed all of the pieces together. Just when I think I’ve got the frame completed, someone goes and messes it up.
“Truly unfortunate to hear; it sounds miserable.”
“I… I wouldn’t say that,” Martin muses. “There’s nowhere to go but up, isn’t there?”
“Isn’t there?” Stamtios echoes. If a mask hadn’t been between them, Martin would swear that an eyebrow was being raised with the mirrored question.
Black 6; White 4
“Did I know Anthony before he found me?”
“No, I highly doubt it. He’s been a long-term resident of the Lotus for quite some time, and it’s a shame to hear that he’s being… casual in his approach to things. I take it he didn’t offer you anything to eat, did he?”
“I- Wait, you didn’t take a piece here, I don’t have to answer,” Martin retorts. The synapses in his head went into overtime now, dealing with that bit of information. Anthony had never known him, and he had stayed at the Lotus for a while. Nothing he said is true, nothing.
So… Where does that leave him?
“You’re right of course, Mister Gale,” Stamatios inclines his head in a slow nod. “Shall we continue?”
Black 6; White 6
“Is my name Martin Gale?” Martin asks.
“My answer will be a history lesson for you, Mister Gale.” Stamatios begins, as Martin takes another pair of pieces. The board has thinned considerably, with roughly half the soldiers and nobility on each side of the board. “In eighteenth-century France, gambling parlors were home to a particular theory of betting, and by extension, probability. Do you know what that is?”
“I’ll tell you, then. If you bet fifty dollars on a hand of poker and lost, how would you go about recouping said loss?”
“I’d bet again,” Martin notes, wondering where this is going.
“But would you bet the minimum, or fifty dollars? How safe would you be, and how brave would you be in going past a point of safety?”
“I, uh…”
“Enter the Martingales; those supremely brave and supremely foolish gamblers who, when faced with loss, doubled their efforts. If you lost fifty dollars, you bet one-hundred. Down one million, you’ll bet two million; so on and so forth. I doubt you need more explanation than that.”
“That’s a terrible idea though, why would anyone do that?”
“Well, if you win, you aren’t out anything at all, of course. Someone can go from serfdom back to their lordship.”
“And a lord could be made a pauper,” Martin counters. “I don’t know how this connects to me, though.”
“Well, Mister Gale…. You may not be the Martin Gale, but you are certainly a Martingale, at least in our eyes.”
“What does that even mean?”
“Questions, Mister Gale. I have answered what you have asked. Keep playing.”
Black 4; White 7
“Why do you think I’m a Martingale?”
“Because Mister Gale, I know you.”
Black 8; White 8
“Here we are, on the crossroads; halfway between existence… and oblivion,” Stamatios intones as Martin rolls his eyes.
“A bit melodramatic, huh?” He asks, and Stamatios shakes his head.
“Not at all, Mister Gale. There’s a tipping of the scales that one can only see when they’re perfectly balanced; your cousins know that better than most, I’m sure.”
“Wait, you know my cousins?”
“Only by reputation; and no, I won’t tell you their names. Focus on the game, Mister Gale.”
Black 9; White 10
“How can I get my memory back?”
“There’s several ways, I’m sure. Time would probably be the most effective method, I would say. Certainly the safest.”
“What happened to me?”
“I cannot say, for I was not a witness. I can only offer a guess, but that would not help your situation, I fear. Mister Gale, how does that make you feel?”
“Why are you trying to psychoanalyze me?”
“I’m not; I’m trying to understand you. If you want help, you need to be understood. And unfortunately, there’s not much for me to understand yet. Like you eloquently said, you’re like a bunch of puzzles put together. We can each put together a different picture, and what I think you are may be very different than what you think you are.”
Black 12; White 12
“And now we’re in the endgame, Mister Gale. May I say, this is a most admirable game. I daresay you could even give my brother a run for his money as well; we’ve had ample time to practice together, and it seems like you would fit in quite well.”
“What do you mean?” Martin asks.
“Well, quite simply, you would be a natural fit to join my brother and myself in our day to day operations. The Tragic, The Comic… The Cynic?” He offers in a lilting voice. “It’s not like anyone except for me has given you the truth so far. The Lotus-Eaters down below hardly care about you, Anthony is a tool that I would leave to you to take care of as you’d like, and you’d have quite a bit of autonomy to pursue your own endeavors.”
“That’s… what’s the catch?”
“Hmm… ask a different question for now, I’m not sure how to properly answer it for you yet, and don’t want to lead you astray. I’m not a proverbial snake.”
“Then what is Camp Half-Blood?”
“...I see you are recuperating more than Anthony would have led me to believe.” Stamatios’s voice is guarded, for the first time since the game of chess and questions began it actually sounds like he is on the defensive. “I am bound by my word though, Mister Gale. It’s a Camp, one for training people such as yourself to fight and survive a world that would have you dead. A Camp that you left of your own volition, I might add.”
“Why would I do that?”
“Because you’re a Martingale, Mister Gale. First for a claim, then for family, then for fraternity. And everytime its cost you something more; your normalcy, your innocence, and now, your memories. Eventually you won’t be able to pay the costs… and what then?”
Black 14; White 13
“One minute from doomsday, Mister Gale,” Stamatios notes. “And with myself right behind.”
Martin’s eyes scan the desolate board. If this were a literal battlefield, it would be clogged with blood and corpses. Here, on immaculate howlite and obsidian, it’s an austere representation of the battle of questions between them.
“...Why did this happen to me?” He asks as the seconds transform into minutes of silence between them. The question had been building for some time in him, and now seemed as good a time as any to ask, with an onyx bishop and ebony rook, staring down the gleaming bastion that his own rook provided against, as Stamatios had put it, oblivion.
“I mean, why me? Out of everybody in the world, why am I the one who has this lot?”
“Because we needed someone like you. Someone intelligent, and enduring. Those qualities are rare to find together, and even rarer when you look for the other conditions as well. Not many people would be willing to play a twenty-hour game of chess for answers.”
“Twenty hours?!” Martin exclaims. It had hardly felt like twenty minutes, let alone twenty hours. No twinge of hunger, no parched throat; nothing to indicate that this had been going on for the better part of a day.
“Well, in here, I suppose it seemed a little faster,” Stamatios admits. “I can only imagine how it went outside of here… But yes, you have the patience to see something through to the end, that’s another thing.”
“I- I don’t care about that, I just- I don’t want to be a toy to you, or to anyone else!” Martin protests, pushing his chair away from the board.
“Mister Gale, I do have an alternative for you, if you’ll hear me out? ….Good, thank you.” He adds as Martin, halfway to his feet, settles back into his chair again.
“You’ve been hurt by everyone you know, and forgotten everyone else you knew. You don’t even know what your life was like before the Lotus Casino took you in… So why risk the outside being worse?” Stamatios asks. From within a pocket of his suit jacket, he pulls out a small earthenware bottle with a wooden stopper.
“I can make the pain stop for you, in all ways. You just need to drink of the Lethe, Mister Gale. One mouthful, and you’ll forget everyone that’s wronged you, every pain that’s hurt you, everything that’s happened to you; just let the River consume it all.” With a free hand, he points up to the ceiling. Martin’s eyes follow his hand, and he stares up at the figures, astounded to see them slowly revolving around each other. More shockingly, they each look wounded, hurt. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises mar their body and clothes, looking as if they spent the past twenty hours on the chessboard’s battlefield rather than the pieces.
“Existence is a terrifying thing,” Stamatios continues. “And I can offer you a reprieve. Think of it, oblivion. You don’t have to worry about knowing anything, you just get to be! There’s no expectations, no obligations, you will just get to exist, in the truest sense of the word! This is a brand new start, Martin; very few get an opportunity to travel this particular road.”
Martin’s eyes drift to the clay bottle. It looks so plain, how can it do what he’s promised? There has to be a catch.
“There has to be a catch,” Martin echoes, an observation which Stamatios rewards with a nod.
“Astute. With this option, we would like you to become one of us; a Brother of Oblivion, a member of our dear little cult. And no-” he stops the protest. “I won’t tell you who or what we serve; it’ll be a waste of my breath if you do choose the option, and I do hate repeating myself.”
“And if I don’t take your option? Am I free to go?”
“I don’t know about free, but you will be able to leave, yes.” Stamatios muses. “We’ve found you before, we will find you again. I doubt you’ll like what happens when we find you again. I daresay you’re running out of limbs and friends to save, at this rate. We won’t kill you, but everyone else… well, if Peleus didn’t hate dogs so much, we would have already solved this problem.”
“I… are you-”
“Yes, that’s a threat, Mister Gale,” Stamatios sighs. “I rather thought you’d pick up on the inference, honestly. You were much sharper with all of your memories, you know.”
With a droning noise being the only alert, the lighting of the room vanishes in a trace. Martin’s eyes dart from side to side, looking for the source. His own eyes widen as they settle in on Stamatios’s eyes glowing red in the depths of his mournful mask.
”Please do not be alarmed, guests. We are currently on emergency power due to an unscheduled power outage. Concierges, please guide guests back to floors ten and up and explain the compensation package at their convenience. Also, inform them that any damage due to flooding on floors one through nine is covered by our comprehensive insurance plan. Mister Dhark, to the basement level ten. I repeat, Mister Dhark to basement level ten, please.”
“Damn it…” The expletive drips like poison from behind the mask. Stamatios rises to his feet, staring down at Martin and their board.
“Stalemate it is, Mister Gale. You have a choice before you now. If you are here when I return, we will welcome you into the Brotherhood. If you are not, then my brother and our agents shall plan our next move. This elevator is set to run on emergency power, so your escape will be guaranteed in these conditions; I doubt my brother or I shall have time to hunt you for quite the foreseeable future…”
“But when we do, I shall see you skewered on a dozen spears and force-fed the waters of the Lethe, so you only can remember the agony of pain without the reason why… Keep that in mind during your thinking process. I shall return within the hour.” And with that, the pair of red eyes vanish. Martin stands from his chair, looking around the room. The only measure of light comes from the elevator’s readout, otherwise the room is in complete darkness. Martin looks down at the chessboard, his eyes looking for any sort of answer that may be hidden in the battlefield.
It’s a stalemate game; neither of us would have won this. Just where this innate knowledge of chess comes from, he has no idea. The same thing happened with the game of Mythomagic on the main floor, though… Just a sense of how things work in terms of logic and tactics.
That’s neither here nor there, though. What matters now is the impasse that Martin finds himself in the twixt of.
If I drink the vial.. I lose sight of who I am, but the people I left behind will be safe… But I’ll never remember them again. He grabs the vial from the table and bounces it experimentally in his palm. It’s such a light object, to hold such weight in his mind.
“But if I go without, I put everyone in danger… But I could remember who everyone is… maybe,” his thoughts turn into words as he weighs the option in hand.
Which is better to choose? Should I be turned into one of them to protect others? Or should I be myself, and live with the consequences and dangers that such a choice brings?
“What would Father do?” He asks aloud, with only the babbling of the fountains available for reply. He sighs, looking down at the phial in his hand. Slowly the gears begin to turn in his head, as a plan begins to form.
Thank you for your patience, Lotus Hotel and Casino Patrons. We are now pleased to announce that our temporary power issue and flooding has been corrected. You are now free to return to the lower floors, where we will be offering free games for the next two hours! No risk, only reward as our way of thanking you for your patience! Thank you, and remember, when you stay at the Lotus; a weekend stay is like a year’s vacation!
Hundreds of people slowly return to the lower main floors of the casino. Bell-bottoms, poodle skirts, three-piece suits; all walks of life push against each other, eager for the opportunity to let their wallet’s feast on fortunes that they cannot understand… or care to, for that matter. Waitresses flit from table to machine with serving trays filled to the brim with ambrosial lotus flowers, ensnaring their prey just as surely as a spider pounces on the fly already ensnared within its web.
Martin notices none of this as he pushes out from the crowd, shoving his way through to a direction that nobody else seems to care to go; the exit.
“Excuse me sir! The game floor is-” The woman behind the check-in counter begins, but her words die in her mouth as she sees him effortlessly walk through the revolving door. In the past year that she’s worked the welcoming counter at The Lotus, she’s only seen two other groups do that. One pair with a lawyer towing them out, and the others after causing a scene and leaving after a few minutes. Never someone just by themselves.
“Have a-” She can’t even remember what she’s supposed to say when someone leaves the Lotus, it’s such an intermittent occurrence. Instead, she presses a button on the phone resting on her desk. She knows what she's supposed to do when it happens though, the laminated sheet of paper by the phone ensures that A few seconds of ringing, and a click is heard as the second line connects.
“Mister Dhark, the House has went bust. I repeat, the House has went bust.”
“So, both of you have lost your shirts in this little thought experiment, I see.” A man dressed in an impeccable charcoal suit and a mask miming comedic joy. Before him kneel two other individuals, each wearing masks of tragedy, one with hunched shoulders and a cloak, while the other wears a suit that is a twin of his comedic twin.
“Dear brother, it is not our fault; Anthony threw the game before we even had a chance to turn him to our side,” the Tragic protests.
“And who is Anthony’s handler, kind brother?” The standing Stamatios asks, being rewarded with a slumping of his twin’s shoulders.
“But, Lord Stamatios, we aren’t… aren’t done yet.” The hunched figure wheezes. “He’s… he’s hardly left…. Left Vegas. I can, with Skilos… I can catch him.”
“No.” The word is absolute, a glacier that signals the finality of all life that dares defy its passage. “He beat the pair of you, as I thought he would. He deserves the reprieve. I take no satisfaction in taking a piece off the board when it’s broken.” Stamatios the Comic turns from the kneeling figures, crossing back to the stone chess board where his Tragic brother and Martin had played their game. Kings and rooks and bishop still stand tall upon the board. Idly, he flicks the ebony king, sending it toppling to the floor with a clatter.
“And he managed this without only instinct… He did not know of Athena or his gifts, and he still put you to a stalemate, kind brother? Surely, you were humoring him?”
“...No, dear brother. I played my best game. We took twenty hours, which the Casino took as twenty weeks. The House always-”
“Don’t you dare say that tiresome cliche, kind brother, or else you shall find yourself as a fountain ornament before the month is out.” the smiling Stamatios notes. “Though, you did well enough to stall for time. My agents have found several leads that we have been looking for for some time. We shall prepare to move when we are able.”
“And what of us, dear brother?”
“You, kind brother, will see to the Casino. Make sure that there is no lasting damage from the power outage. And see to the rainwater that poured in; I swear we’ll have to get that carpet torn out and replaced. It absolutely reeks of seawater, dead fish, and failed ambition down there.”
“And me… Lord?” The Oathbreaker heaves the question. Stamatios the Comic turns to him with his forced smile.
“You, my loathsome abomination, will be going to New York. If our Martingale ups the ante, then take him out, but not before. Skilos is yours. And if you fail or kill him before his time… You’d best hope he remembers how to kill someone like you first. His mercies will seem like a mother’s compared to what will await you should I get my hands on you.”
“...Yes, Lord.” He gasps his assent as he rises to his feet. From within the depths of the cloak, he draws a crystalline whistle. Pulling the mask up to his nose, he brings it to his exposed mouth and blows. Nothing happens for a heartbeat, then two. On the third, a bounding hellhound leaps from the shadows.
“Skilos… bring me to New York.” The Oathbreaker commands as he clambers up the monster’s back. Once he is firmly seated, the pair bound into the shadows and vanish once more.
“Dear brother, I do not trust him… I believe we were rash in elevating him,” the Tragic intones.
“I do agree, kind brother. Consider this our third test of Mister Kaufmann. If he finds a way to remember that he is in fact Mister Kaufmann, then he will be rechristened in blood.”
“I remember our game on Tetepare, when you thought Mister Cleary would be Mister Kaufmann’s equal. Do you stand by that?”
“No,” the Comic smiles, and based on the tone, a genuine one hides beneath as well. “I do not believe we’ve met his equal in many, many years, dear brother… We will either enter true existence once more, or final oblivion. We stand-”
“At the Crossroads.”
“At the Crossroads, yes. And Mister Kaufmann shall dictate the path. Now, go get that carpet dried. Oh, and have a long talk with Anthony about his… thoroughness when it comes to preparing our guests.”
“...Yes, dear brother.” Rather than rising to his feet, Stamatios the Tragic sinks into the shadows pooled around his feet. Stamatios the Comic looks up at the slowly spiraling image of the mirrored women on the ceiling and sighs.
“You really only have one hope, you know.” He pauses, then adds. “Each of you, I mean. Either I shall win, or Mister Kaufmann will… Best of luck to both Memory and Oblivion, may the true grandmaster win.”
The world is dark outside the bus depot, as dark as Vegas can manage with all of the neon and gaudiness. By contrast, the depot is threadbare and boring; Martin can’t think of the last time he’s been somewhere that’s felt half as comfortable. The light up display board he has been watching updates, with the second bus listing ratcheting up to the top of the board. A screech goes up through the building’s speaker system, followed by a scratchy voice.
Now boarding, Las Vegas to New York City. Please have your boarding ticket ready, and begin forming to board. Now boarding, Las Vegas to New York City.
Martin settles near the front of the bus, a small bag filled with toiletries by his feet. The card that had been handed to him by the concierge in the Lotus seemed to have a few uses outside of the casino, it seemed. Beyond the necessities, there were just a few other items; two to be exact. The first, the logo of the shirt he had found in the suite’s hamper. And two, wrapped within the cloth, a stoneware bottle that sloshes ever so slightly when it is moved.
Wait, what? A third item, a box the size of a pencil case stamped with a Caduceus stares up at him. Curiosity getting the better of him, he gingerly opens it. Nestled on a fitted interior rests a bronze ring, and a matching bracelet. Tucked into the side of the box, a small note is hidden. Unfolding it, his heart begins to tap away at a faster speed as he reads the contents, one part typed, the other handwritten on the bottom.
Dear Mister Gale,
We at the Lotus Hotel and Casino wanted to say we appreciate the opportunity to cater to you, and hope you enjoyed your stay with us. Please find enclosed a lost item that was recovered in the flooding, as well as a token of esteem from one of our patrons. We do hope that you will consider the Lotus in the future for all of your celebration and relaxation needs.
The Lotus Hotel and Casino
Well done, Mister Gale. Enjoy your reprieve before the game begins anew. Olly olly oxen free.
“You got cleaned out too, huh kid?” A man in his late forties settles into the spot behind him. Peeking over his shoulder, he shakes his head good-naturedly. “How much did they take you for?”
“Damn, at least you thought ahead enough to have your ticket home and souvenirs prepared. Me? I had to call up my wife and ask her to wire me some money. I’m just glad we have a comfy couch; I’ll be sleeping on that for a while, I think. Fuck Vegas.” Regardless of the expletive, he still seems in good spirits as he laughs at the thought.
“Fuck Vegas,” Martin echoes, though no laugh follows. The air brakes hiss as the bus lurches forward. Turning his gaze to the window, Martin watches as the bus garage is left behind, and soon enough Vegas itself fades away. Before his eyes drift closed, he sees one last thing.
“WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS, NEVADA” the iconic sign greets the departing demigod.
“...Fuck Vegas.”
Total Time in the Lotus: 28 Hours (6 on the casino floor, 2 unconscious, 20 in the Executive Level)
Total Time Elapsed: 26 weeks.
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Keeping New Vegas Clean

I recently did a playthrough of Fallout New Vegas where I picked up and kept everything. EVERYTHING. I picked every area bone dry. I took all the perks related to carrying stuff. I only used melee weapons so as to not use any ammo. I didn't repair anything so nothing was used. My results are below. And here's a link to small gallery of my acquisitions:
Keeping New Vegas Clean
Weapons: .357 Magnum Revolver (34) .44 Magnum Revolver (19) .45 Auto Pistol (9) .45 Auto Submachine Gun (8) 10mm Pistol (67) 10mm Submachine Gun (63) 12.7mm Pistol (4) 12.7mm Submachine Gun (31) 9 Iron (2) 9mm Pistol (57) 9mm Submachine Gun (34) A Light Shining In Darkness (1) AER14 Prototype (1) Alien Blaster (1) All-American (1) Annabelle (1) Anti-Materiel Rifle (15) Arc Welder (8) Assault Carbine (16) Automatic Rifle (9) BB Gun (21) Bad Beat (1) Ballistic Fist (11) Baseball Bat (38) Bear Trap Fist (26) Big Mountain Transportalponder! (1) Binoculars (21) Blade of the West (12) Bladed Gauntlet (1) Bottlecap Mine (1) Bowie Knife (15) Boxing Tape (2) Brass Knuckles (13) Broad Machete (1) Broken Grenade Rifle (2) Broken Missile Launcher (1) Brush Gun (38) Bumper Sword (3) C-4 Plastic Explosive (44) CZ57 Avenger (1) Caravan Shotgun (37) Cattle Prod (9) Chainsaw (2) Chopper (1) Christine's COS Silencer Rifle (1) Cleaver (20) Codac R9000 (1) Col. Gillians sniper rifle (1) Combat Knife (54) Compliance Regulator (1) Corrosive Glove (2) Cosmic Knife (24) Cowboy Repeater (27) Detonator (2) Dinner Bell (1) Displacer Glove (3) Dr. Klein's Glove (1) Dr. Mobius' Glove (1) Drawing Dead (1) Dress Cane (2) Dynamite (198) Elijah's Advanced LAER (2) Elijah's Jury-Rigged Tesla Cannon (1) Euclid's C-Finder (1) Fat Man (4) Fire Axe (21) Fire Bomb (1) Flamer (11) Flare Gun (19) Flash Bang (59) Frag Grenade (231) Frag Mine (178) Gas Bomb (21) Gatling Laser (8) Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle (1) Golden Gloves (1) Great Bear Grenade Rifle (1) Grenade Launcher (6) Grenade Machinegun (2) Grenade Rifle (17) H&H Tools Nail Gun (10) Hatchet (2) Heavy Incinerator (7) Holorifle (1) Holy Frag Grenade (3) Hunting Revolver (17) Hunting Rifle (37) Hunting Shotgun (10) Incendiary Grenade (45) Incinerator (7) Industrial Hand (4) K9000 Cyberdog Gun (2) Knife (210) Knife Spear (62) Knock Knock (1) LAER (6) Laser Detonator (1) Laser Pistol (55) Laser RCW (19) Laser Rifle (29) Lead Pipe (55) Lever-Action Shotgun (8) Liberator (1) Light Machine Gun (8) Long Fuse Dynamite (37) Love and Hate (1) Lucky (1) Machete (128) Machete Gladius (4) Mantis Gauntlet (15) Maria (1) Marksman Carbine (18) Mercenary's Grenade Rifle (1) Mercy (1) Minigun (9) Missile Launcher (6) Multiplas Rifle (4) Mysterious Magnum (1) Nail Board (2) Nephi's Golf Driver (1) Oh, Baby! (1) Old Glory (2) Paladin Toaster (1) Pew Pew (1) Plasma Caster (4) Plasma Defender (13) Plasma Grenade (86) Plasma Mine (60) Plasma Pistol (17) Plasma Rifle (22) Police Baton (95) Police Pistol (21) Pool Cue (107) Powder Charge (17) Power Fist (30) Proton Axe (14) Proton Throwing Axe (55) Protonic Inversal Axe (4) Protonic Inversal Throwing Axe (10) Pulse Grenade (113) Pulse Gun (1) Pulse Mine (38) Pushy (1) Q-35 Matter Modulator (1) Ratslayer (1) Rebar Club (38) Recharger Pistol (7) Recharger Rifle (1) Recompense of the Fallen (1) Red Glare (3) Riot Shotgun (17) Ripper (9) Rolling Pin (4) Salt-Upon-Wounds' Power Fist (1) Satchel Charge (50) Saturnite Fist (9) Saturnite Fist Super-Heated (8) Sawed-Off Shotgun (22) Scientist Glove (7) Service Rifle (26) She's Embrace (1) Shishkebab (34) Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun (7) Shovel (4) Silenced .22 Pistol (22) Silenced .22 SMG (1) Single Shotgun (45) Sledgehammer (16) Slow Roll (1) Sniper Rifle (15) Sonic Emitter (1) Spiked Knuckles (8) Sterilizer Glove (2) Straight Razor (10) Sturdy Caravan Shotgun (1) Super Sledge (24) Survivalist's Rifle (1) Switchblade (33) Tesla Cannon (3) Tesla-Beaton Prototype (1) That Gun (1) The Humble Cudgel (1) Thermic Lance (7) Throwing Knife Spear (200) Throwing Spear (192) Thump-Thump (1) Time Bomb (2) Tire Iron (73) Tomahawk (73) Trail Carbine (5) Tri-Beam Laser Rifle (9) Vance's 9mm Submachine Gun (1) Varmint Rifle (51) War Club (7) Weathered 10mm Pistol (1) X-2 Antenna (1)
Apparel: 1st Recon Beret (1) Advanced Radiation Suit (5) Advanced Riot Gear (1) Advanced Riot Gear Helmet (1) All-Purpose Science Suit (1) Armor of the 87th Tribe (1) Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit (1) Armored Vault 66 Jumpsuit (1) Assassin Suit (1) Atomic-Valence Tri-Radii-Oscillator (1) Authority Glasses (8) Ballcap with Glasses (2) Bandana (4) Benny's Suit (1) Beret (3) Biker Goggles (7) Boomer Flightsuit (2) Boomers Cap (1) Boomers Helmet (1) Bounty Hunter Duster (1) Brahmin-Skin Outfit (16) Breathing Mask (12) Bright Brotherhood Robe (19) Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor (1) Brotherhood T-51b Power Armor (8) Caesar's Armor (1) Caravaneer Outfit (4) Cattleman Cowboy Hat (11) Centurion Helmet (13) Chalk's Headdress (1) Christine's COS Recon Armor (1) Combat Armor (32) Combat Armor, Reinforced (5) Combat Armor, Reinforced Mark 2 (2) Combat Helmet (19) Combat Helmet, Reinforced (3) Combat Helmet, Reinforced Mark 2 (2) Construction Hat (11) Courier Duster (1) Daniel's Hat (1) Daniel's Outfit (1) Dapper Gambler Hat (1) Dapper Gambler Suit (1) Dead Horses Stalker Armor (2) Dead Money Jumpsuit (1) Dean's Tuxedo (1) Desert Ranger COmbat Armor (1) Desert Ranger COmbat Helmet (1) Desperado Cowboy Hat (12) Destroyed Party Hat (10) Dirty Pre-War Businesswear (69) Dirty Pre-War Casualwear (35) Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit (51) Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear (53) Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit (58) Dr. Klein's Glasses (1) Dr. Klein's Scrubs (1) Dr. Mobius' Glasses (1) Dr. Mobius Scrubs (1) Elite Riot Gear (1) Elite Riot Gear Helmet (1) Explorer Hood (8) Eyebot Helmet (1) Eyeglasses (54) Fancy Gambler Suit (2) Father Elijah's Robes (1) Field Hand Outfit (5) Fiend Battle Helmet (21) Fiend Helmet (19) Fiend Warrior Helmet (12) Fire Helmet (8) Formal Wear (1) Goggles Helmet (15) Great Khan Simple Armor (2) Great Khan Soldier Armor (1) Great Khan Spike Helmet (2) Great Khan Suit Armor (1) Grimy Pre-War Businesswear (60) Handyman Jumpsuit (1) Hazmat Darklight Cowl (1) Hazmat Suit (1) Head Wrap (3) Hockey Mask (20) Jailhouse Rocker (5) Joshua Graham's Armor (1) Kings Outfit (41) Leather Armor (22) Leather Armor, Reinforced (7) Legion Centurion Armor (12) Legion Explorer Armor (15) Legion Praetorian Armor (24) Legion Prime Armor (13) Legion Recruit Armor (54) Legion Veteran Armor (47) Legion Vexillarius Armor (22) Lightweight Leather Armor (1) Lightweight Metal Armor (1) Lobotomite Goggles (36) Lobotomite Jumpsuit (53) Lobotomite Mask (32) Lobotomite Mask and Goggles (25) Lucky Shades (1) MP Trooper Helmet (1) Mad Scientist Scrubs (2) Marked Beast Eyes Helmet (1) Marked Beast Face Helmet (1) Marked Beast Helmet (1) Marked Beast Tribal Helmet (1) Marked Patrol Armor (6) Marked Scout Armor (38) Marked Tribal Armor (8) Marked Trooper Armor (34) Memphis Kid Outfit (1) Merc Adventurer Outfit (4) Merc Charmer Outfit (10) Merc Cruiser Outfit (14) Merc Grunt Outfit (19) Merc Troublemaker Outfit (26) Merc Veteran Outfit (10) Metal Armor (13) Metal Armor, Reinforced (3) Metal Helmet (6) Metal Helmet, Reinforced (1) Motorcycle Helmet (6) NCR Bandoleer Armor (7) NCR Face Wrap Armor (4) NCR Mantle Armor (5) NCR Military Police Armor (1) NCR Ranger Combat Armor (3) NCR Ranger Patrol Armor (3) NCR Salvaged Power Armor (7) NCR Trooper Armor (22) NCR Trooper Fatigues (1) Old Cowboy Hat (2) Park Ranger Hat (3) Party Hat (4) Patient Gown (38) Police Hat (1) Powder Gang Guard Armor (20) Powder Gang Plain Outfit (35) Powder Gang Simple Outfit (12) Poweder Gang Soldier Outfit (8) Pre-War Baseball Cap (36) Pre-War Bonnet (41) Pre-War Casualwear (54) Pre-War Hat (90) Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit (41) Pre-War Relaxedwear (55) Pre-War Spring Outfit (43) Prime Decanus Helmet (7) Prime Helmet (5) Prospector Outfit (2) Radiation Suit (7) Raider Arclight Helmet (2) Raider Badlands Armor (14) Raider Blastmaster Armor (14) Raider Painspike Armor (11) Raider Sadist Armor (15) Ranger Grey Hat (3) Ranger Hat (3) Ranger Helmet (3) Rattan Cowboy Hat (6) Rawhide Cowboy Hat (10) Reading Glasses (26) Rebreather (1) Recon Armor (8) Recon Armor Helmet (4) Recruit Decanus Helmet (5) Recruit Helmet (24) Remnants Power Helmet (1) Riot Gear (3) Riot Gear Helmet (3) RobCo Jumpsuit (1) Roving Trader Hat (3) Roving Trader Outfit (2) Salt-Upon-Wounds' Helmet (1) Salvaged Power Helmet (7) Scientist Scrubs (6) Scorched Sierra Power Armor (1) Settler Outfit (5) Sexy Sleepwear (84) Sheriff's Duster (1) Sheriff's Hat (2) Sierra Madre Armor (8) Sierra Madre Armor, Reinforced (4) Sierra Madre Helmet (10) Sierra Madre Helmet, Reinforced (3) Sin City Armor (1) Slave Rags (2) Slave Scarf (1) Sleepwear (1) Space Suit (1) Space Suit Helmet (1) Stealth Suit Mk II (1) Stormchaser Hat (6) Suave Gambler Hat (1) Sunglasses (32) T-45d Power Armor (7) T-45d Power Helmet (10) T-51b Power Armor (2) T-51b Power Helmet (3) Tinted Reading Glasses (13) Tribal Raiding Armor (1) Trooper Helmet (27) Tuxedo Hat (3) US Army Combat Armor (4) US Army General Outfit (1) Ulysses' Duster (2) Ulysses' Mask (2) Valence Radii-Accentuator (5) Vault 11 Jumpsuit (21) Vault 19 Jumpsuit (20) Vault 21 Jumpsuit (5) Vault 22 Jumpsuit (17) Vault 3 Jumpsuit (19) Vault 3 Utility Jumpsuit (6) Vault 34 Jumpsuit (11) Vault 34 Security Armor (7) Vault 34 Security Helmet (7) Vault 66 Jumpsuit (2) Vault 66 Security Vest (1) Vera's Outfit (2) Veteran Decanus Outfit (18) Veteran Helmet (36) Vexillarius Helmet (22) Wasteland Doctor Fatigues (3) Wasteland Settler Outfit (27) Wasteland Surgeon Outfit (4) Wasteland Wanderer Outfit (15) Well-Heeled Gambler Hat (3) Well-Heeled Gambler Suit (2) White Glove Society Attire (2) White Glove Society Mask (2) White Legs Hide Armor (35) White Legs Outfit (38) Yangtze Camp Jumpsuit (6)
Aid: Absinthe (42) Ant Egg (10) Ant Meat (96) Ant Nectar (26) Ant queen pheromones (1) Antivenom (117) Atomic cocktail (96) Auto-inject stimpack (76) Auto-inject super stimpack (49) Banana yucca fruit (247) Barrel cactus fruit (204) Battle brew (7) Beer (528) Big book of science (5) Bighorner meat (100) Bitter drink (38) Black blood sausage (1) Black coffee (3) Blamco Mac & cheese (105) Bleak venom (6) Bloatfly meat (78) Blood pack (12) Blood sausage (467) Blood shield (2) Boxing times (18) Brahmin meat (13) Brahmin steak (83) Brahmin Wellington (1) Broc flower (174) Bubblegum (43) Buffalo gourd seed (150) Buffout (96) Caravan lunch (2) Cateye (39) Cave fungus (421) Cazador egg (15) Chinese army: spec. Ops. Training manual (6) Coyote meat (35) Coyote steak (4) Coyote tobacco chew (65) Cram (188) Crispy squirrelbits (50) Crunchy mutfruit (45) D.c. Journal of internal medicine (4) Dandy boy apples (89) Dark datura (26) Datura antivenom (24) Datura hide (6) Daturana (11) Dean's electronics (6) Desert salad (7) Dirty water (536) Dixon's jet (8) Dixon's whiskey (2) Doctor's bag (126) Dog meat (201) Dog steak (2) Duck and cover! (6) Fancy lads snacks (94) Fire ant egg (3) Fire ant meat (29) Fire ant nectar (7) Fixer (59) Fixin' things (47) Fresh apple (84) Fresh carrot (58) Fresh pear (30) Fresh potato (103) Future weapons today (17) Gecko kabob (5) Gecko meat (245) Gecko steak (56) Giant rat meat (56) Grilled mantis (52) Grognak the barbarian (4) Gum drops (26) Guns and bullets (7) Healing poultice (2) Healing powder (190) Honey mesquite pod (233) Human flesh (48) Hydra (57) Ice cold nuka-cola (6) Iguana bits (57) Iguana on a stick (81) Implant grx (10) Instamash (102) Irr. Banana yucca (7) Irr. Barrel cactus (10) Irr. Crunchy mutfruit (4) Irr. Dandy boy apples (3) Irr. Fancy lads (5) Irr. Gecko meat (4) Irr. Mac & cheese (4) Irr. Pork n' beans (5) Irr. Potato crisps (5) Irr. Salisbury steak (2) Irr. Sugar bombs (1) Irr. Sunset Sars. (9) Irr. Yumyum d. Eggs (2) Irradiated beer (14) Irradiated cram (3) Irradiated instamash (4) Irradiated mutfruit (3) Irradiated potato (30) Irradiated scotch (8) Irradiated water (24) Irradiated whiskey (5) Jake juice (1) JalapeÒo pepper (46) Jet (162) Junk food (113) Lad's life (38) Lakelurk egg (5) Lakelurk meat (13) Locksmith's reader (21) Lying, congressional style (5) Mre (12) Mre (94) Maize (464) Med-x (206) Meeting people (18) Mentats (217) Milsurp review (19) Mole rat meat (58) Mole rat wonder meat (1) Moonshine (7) Mutant cave fungus (38) Mutfruit (58) Ncr emergency radio (1) Nevada agave fruit (174) Nightstalker squeezin's (12) Nightstalker tail (37) Nikola tesla and you (5) Noodles (43) Nuka-cola (414) Nuka-cola quantum (8) Nuka-cola Quartz (29) Nuka-cola victory (15) Party time mentats (1) Patriot's cookbook (27) Pinto bean pod (182) Pinyon nuts (83) Pork n' beans (333) Potato crisps (80) Pre-war steak (5) Preserved meat (18) Prickly pear fruit (251) Programmer's digest (40) Psycho (139) Pugilism illustrated (6) Purified water (599) Rad-x (203) Radaway (245) Radroach meat (29) Rat meat (9) Rebound (106) Roughin' it! Bedroll kit (1) Ruby's casserole (3) Rum & nuka (1) Sacred datura root (105) Salesman weekly (22) Salient green (5) Salisbury steak (64) Scotch (297) Sierra madre martini (6) Snakebite tourniquet (2) Spore carrier sap (17) Spore plant pods (63) Squirrel stew (55) Squirrel on a stick (68) Steady (114) Stealth boy (55) Stimpack (652) Strange meat (5) Strange meat pie (7) Sugar bombs (104) Sunset sarsaparilla (896) Super stimpack (89) Sweetroll (12) Tales of a junktown jerky vendor (6) Thick red paste (3) Thin red paste (401) Today's physician (36) Trail mix (3) Tremble (2) True police stories (16) Tumblers today (5) Turbo (26) Taeles of chivalrie (23) Vodka (246) Wasteland omelet (6) Wasteland survival guide (5) Weapon binding ritual (7) Weapon repair kit (31) Whiskey (322) White horsenettle (92) Wine (388) Xander root (136) Yao guai meat (35) Yumyum deviled eggs (39) !la fantoma! (34)
Misc: "Flour" (2) $100 ncr (36) $20 ncr (144) $5 ncr (388) .44 revolver scope (1) 10 ball (37) 10 of hearts - Sierra madre (1) 13 ball (43) 2 ball (38) 4 of spades - Sierra madre (1) 5 ball (36) 6 of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) 7 of clubs - Sierra madre (1) 7 of hearts - Sierra madre (1) 8 ball (40) 8 of spades - Sierra madre (1) Abraxo cleaner (365) Ace of clubs - Sierra madre (1) Ace of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) Ace of spades - Sierra madre (1) Acoustic guitar (4) Action Abe action figure (3) Ashtray (704) Bark scorpion poison gland (59) Baseball (120) Baseball glove (66) Basketball (27) Bent tin can (1037) Big spoon (36) Bobby pin (476) Bonesaw (58) Brahmin skull (13) Broken detonator (1) Brotherhood of steel holotag (4) Butter knife (245) Camp guardian log page (9) Caravan deck (1) Carton of cigarettes (564) Case, .308 (182) Case, .357 magnum (340) Case, .44 magnum (160) Case, .45 auto (265) Case, .45-70 gov't (231) Case, .50 mg (78) Case, 10mm (706) Case, 12.7mm (284) Case, 5.56mm (688) Case, 5mm (119) Case, 9mm (610) Cazador poison gland (107) Cby. Rep. Custom action (1) Centaur blood (26) Ceramic dinner plate (65) Chessboard (122) Cigarette (335) Clipboard (312) Coffee mug (1485) Coffee pot (184) Complimentary voucher (2) Conductor (292) Container of chlorine (1) Counterfeit bottle cap (18) Coyote hide (17) Crutch (57) Cuddles' toy car (2) Cue ball (42) Cup (578) Cutting board (87) Deactivated bomb collar (11) Dean domino's blackmail tape (1) Deathclaw egg (18) Deathclaw hand (46) Dinner plate (282) Dino toy (37) Distinctive cigarette butt (7) Dog bowl (54) Dog hide (81) Doggie treat (2) Drained electron charge pack (1139) Drained flamer fuel tank (229) Drained microfusion cell (635) Drained small energy cell (489) Drinking glass (632) Earnings clipboard (215) Electric box fuse (3) Embalming fluid (4) Empty jet inhaler (6) Empty nuka-cola bottle (579) Empty soda bottle (355) Empty sunset sarsaparilla bottle (1973) Empty whiskey bottle (737) Engraved cigarette lighter (1) Entertainer pass (1) Evil gnome (1) Eyebot upgrade circuit board (5) Finance clipboard (215) Finger (1) Fire gecko egg (17) Fire gecko hide (67) Firehose nozzle (33) Fission battery (424) Flamer expanded tanks (1) Flour (109) Food additive (1) Fork (309) Gecko egg (5) Gecko hide (27) Glass pitcher (213) Gold bar (37) Golden gecko egg (9) Golden gecko hide (32) Golf ball (7) Gomorrah chip (50) Green gecko egg (3) Green gecko hide (4) Green plate (155) Halford's note (2) Hammer (237) Holotape (9) Hot plate (54) Howitzer firing mechanism (1) Hull, 12 gauge (242) Hull, 20 gauge (589) Infected Brahmin meat (6) Iron (101) Isotope-239 igniting agent (1) Jack of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) Jar of cloud residue (151) Karl's journal (1) Large burned book (365) Large destroyed book (324) Large ruined book (275) Large scorched book (333) Large whiskey bottle (189) Laser rifle focus optics (1) Lawn mower blade (5) Lead (611) Leaf blower (7) Legion aureus (22) Legion denarius (1285) Legion ear (37) Legion patrol notes (1) Legion raid plans (1) Legion slave ledger (1) Lincoln's voice (2) Lottery ticket (7) Lucky 8 ball (1) Lucky casino chip (101265) Maintenance pass (1) Mantis egg (26) Mantis foreleg (182) Mark of Caesar (1) Marked cards (1) Mayor stern's journal 2/2 (1) Medical clipboard (140) Metal cooking pan (141) Metal cooking pot (68) Metal spoon (200) Milk bottle (267) Motorcycle gas tank (7) Motorcycle handbrake (4) Mutilated arm (1) Mutated leg (14) Mutilated organs (12) Mutilated skull (11) Mutilated torso (13) Ncr computer parts (6) Ncr dogtag (32) Ncr radio parts (4) Nightstalker blood (58) Nightstalker egg (55) Ophthalmoscope (11) Pack of cigarettes (672) Paint gun (134) Paperweight (198) Pencil (487) Pilot light (201) Ping pong ball (2) Plasma rifle mag. Accelerator (1) Plunger (174) Pool ball (7) Pot (162) Powder, pistol (2058) Powder, rifle (842) Pre-war book (1116) Pre-war money (1719) Pressure cooker (77) Primer, .50 mg (72) Primer, large pistol (80) Primer, large rifle (50) Primer, shotshell (25) Primer, small pistol (50) Primer, small rifle (40) Queen of clubs - Sierra madre (1) Radscorpion poison gland (141) Rake (14) Rawr's talon (1) Recipes - barter skill book (1) Recipes - energy weapons skill book (1) Recipes - explosives skill book (1) Recipes - medicine skill book (1) Recipes - me lee weapons skill book (1) Recipes - science skill book (1) Recipes - sneak skill book (1) Recipes - speech skill book (1) Recipes - survival skill book (1) Recipes - unarmed skill book (1) Red glare alpha strike (1) Red plate (55) Remote signal transmitter (1) Rocket souvenir (167) Rocket souvenir replica (4) Rollerskate (6) Schematics - billboard (1) Scissors (47) Scripture (1) Sergeant teddy (1) Seymour (1) Sheet music book (1) Shot glass (459) Sierra madre chip (15100) Small burned book (552) Small destroyed book (454) Small ruined book (537) Small scorched book (515) Sniper rifle suppressor (1) Spatula (26) Sport (21) Steam gauge assembly (61) Stress and the modern refugee: a primer (1) Suites security pass (1) Suites security password note (1) Sunset sarsaparilla deputy badge (317) Surgical tubing (157) Svc. Rifle upgraded springs (1) Terminal access card (1) The platinum chip (1) Tin plate (232) Tina (1) Tiny, tiny babies: all you need to know about pediatric medicine (1) Toaster (102) Toy car (140) Triangle (24) Tunneled hide (47) Turpentine (300) Tweezers (51) Vacuum cleaner (43) Vault 13 canteen (1) Vault 22 cave door keycard (1) Vera Keyes' audition (1) Vera's partitures (1) Wasteland survival guide (4) Whet stone (24) White plate (367) Wood chipper (2) Yeast (30) Zion canyon map (1) Sparks (4) Keyring (1)
Ammo: .223 round (20) .22LR Round (1002) .22LR, Hollow Point (882) .22LR, Plinking (100) .308 Round (2947) .308, Armor Piercing (1909) .308, Hollow Point (1122) .357 Magnum Round (7089) .357 Magnum, Hollow Point (1410) .357 Magnum, JFP (Hand Load) (150) .38 Special Round (100) .44 Magnum Round (1771) .44 Magnum, Hollow Point (1334) .45 Auto (543) .45 Auto, +P (75) .45 Auto, Hollow Point (10) .45-70 Gov't (641) .45-70 Gov't, Hollow Point (632) .50 MG (244) .50 MG, Armor Piercing (3002) .50 MG, Incendiary (925) 10mm Round (7271) 10mm, Hollow Point (666) 12 Gauge Round (1111) 12 Gauge, Bean Bag (635) 12 Gauge, Magnum (231) 12 Gauge, Slug (521) 12.7mm Round (855) 12.7mm Round, Hollow Point (645) 20 Gauge Round (1697) 20 Gauge, Magnum (12) 20 Gauge, Slug (4) 25mm Grenade (164) 25mm Grenade, High Explosive (2) 40mm Grenade (352) 40mm Grenade, Incendiary (20) 5.56mm Round (5258) 5.56mm, Armor Piercing (2071) 5.56mm, Hollow Point (868) 5.56mm, Surplus (250) 5mm Round (3818) 5mm, Armor Piercing (2242) 5mm, Surplus (250) 9mm Round (3055) 9mm, Hollow Point (591) Alien Power Cell (524) BB (2149) Camera Film (19) Electron Charge Pack (9358) Electron Charge Pack, Over Charge (2625) Energy Cell (10405) Energy Cell, Bulk (500) Energy Cell, Max Charge (150) Energy Cell, Over Charge (2313) Flamer Fuel (16423) Microfusion Breeder Microfusion Cell (6667) Microfusion Cell, Bulk (25) Microfusion Cell, Over Charge (2236) Mini Nuke (27) Missile (570) Missile, High Explosive (2) Missile, High Velocity (2) Nails (1576) Rocket (763) Rocket, High Explosive Rocket, Incendiary (4)
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The Dream Casino DLC/Update

Since GTA Online released their Casino update today, I was wondering about the potential to ever get something like it in Fo76. Like somewhere in Morgantown or Charleston or maybe even a new area easy of the Mire, there’d be a wasteland neon casino that‘d open and is run by robots and npcs after the Wastelanders update. You could win rewards like CAMP items, casino related skins to guns and armor like in NV, fancy checkerboard suits like a certain someone, souvenir shirts from Las Vegas and the Lucky 38 from before the war for NV fans. Quests would be given out to do by people inside the casino, either helping them or doing harm to others with a karma system. Main issue is of course that some countries don’t allow gambling so it’d be a huge problem. I’d like to hear other suggestions of what you’d want implemented in a update like this
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Beating a Dead Horse Redux: Progression of society before 2077

While society never quite got over the 20th century, it certainly wasn’t exactly the same for 120+ years either. Let’s go over what happened between the Divergence and the Great War.
In the 1960s, America declared and won a war on Vietnam. It probably wasn’t televised or otherwise covered in mainstream media and therefore sparked no significant controversy. The mural in the Museum of Concord features a helicopter which was deployed in the sixties, plus the ICBMs in the Divide appear to be mounted on old Saturn V rockets.
When the oil crisis hit in the 1970s, we doubled down on nuclear power well into the Reagan administration with Generation II fission reactors. Look at the containment spheres in the Fallout 4 intro and across from County Crossing.
The first half of the 21st century was the Age of Poseidon Energy. Poseidon flirted with renewable energy when they built Helios One but as petroleum dwindled, ethanol and other biofuels seemed like a better long term investment. Hundreds of Poseidon Energy refueling stations popped up along the miles of elevated highways criss-crossing the US. Poseidon brand commercial reactors appear too, supplying power grids in the Commonwealth and the Core Region. Before fusion was available, some gas station attendants had to wear special hazmat suits to safely dispose of spent radioactive waste from vehicles with fission engines.
Despite claims that electronics were never miniaturized, a terminal entry in Cabot House confirms the transistor had been invented by 2023. Transistor radios & silicon are mentioned across the franchise and ordinary nineties desktops can be seen as background props in fallout 1 & 2.
The 2016 Presidential election is won by a candidate who denounces globalism and career outsourcing in favor of business deregulation and American exceptionalism. His administration’s policies lead to a prospering manufacturing industry and a booming economy.
By the late 2010s, the foremost national ideology leans towards business deregulation and American exceptionalism, eschewing globalism and career outsourcing. The policies made during this time lead to a prospering manufacturing industry and a booming economy. Fallout's America was far more industrialized than in real life, prior to being converted for wartime production there were factories in almost every town. The Pittsburgh steel industry was still going strong, and Prometheus operated a coal mine in Utah until they sold it to the government in 2066.
2017 Clout goggles are popular.
The 2020s saw the continued usage of switchboards, microfiches, electric typewriters and two way wrist radios in order to prevent cyberterrorism and secure personal information.
REPCONN’s Delta IX Rocket was commissioned in 2020. It played an important role in the Battle of the Sea of Tranquility when the US fought an unknown party on the moon. During the Resource Wars space travel was relegated to orbital missile platforms and nuclear shuttles for the Enclave.
Robert House is born in 2020 to the founder of the H&H tool factory in Las Vegas. His parents died in a freak accident when their helicopter was struck by lightning. He later attends MIT in 2038 after his brother Anthony cheats him out of his inheritance.
2021 Hubris Comics is established and begins publishing Grognak the Barbarian.
2025 The Lucky 38 Casino has been built by this year at the latest, going off the new vegas intro.
2026 The Vim factory burns down and is rebuilt. The original building is recreated next to it as a souvenir shop.
Early 2030s - Sometime around now, a room temperature superconductor is discovered. This allows the bulky, stationary fission reactors to be replaced with compact portable ones that can be installed in your household basement in under an hour. General Atomics’ Mister Handy, first released in 2037, requires RTSC components to function; as do Railguns which are slated to see real-life military use by the 2030s. In Fallout, West Tek developed the X277 “Viper” magnetic rail cannon but it was deemed impractical in 2044 and abandoned.
Nuka Cola was formulated by John-Caleb Bradberton and his beverageers following the Great Passion Fruit Famine of 2044.
In 2049, electrical engineer Karl Oslow leaves Poseidon Energy and founds Mass Fusion, marketing a line of power distribution boxes and municipal plutonium wells. His claim to clean power is a total hoax. Beryllium-9 fusion is not clean, it produces intermittent bursts of radiation.
Mr. House graduates in 2042 and founds Robco Industries. They begin churning out projects like the Protectron and the 64 kilobyte holotape. The Pip-Boy 1.0 was an obvious prototype, most likely made around 2048 or so. West coast vaults received Pip-Boy 2000s while east coasts vaults got the more advanced 3000 and Mark IV models, not being completed until much later.
Project Safehouse kicks off after terrorists detonate a nuclear bomb in Tel Aviv, irradiating much of the Middle East. Following the New Plague outbreak and the Invasion of Mexico, a neo-gothic version of Art Deco dominates the visual landscape. Stern steel faces stare down from the sides of buildings reflecting the authoritarian nature of society.
A ZAX series supercomputer is created in 2054, and the first truly self aware AI is switched on in 2059. At some point, Gaston Glock’s mind is revived and uploaded to a mainframe where it continued to design weapons for the United States.
Microprocessors & integrated circuits existed by 2067 and saw widespread military applications. Fusion is perfected in the mid to late 2060s. Consequently, energy weapons, power armor, microfusion cells and molecular assemblers all become relatively commonplace. The first fusion driven cars hit the market in 2070; the Chryslus Corvega. Red Rocket establishes its iconic coolant refueling stations.
China invades Alaska and the Anchorage Front Line mobilizes to defend the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline. America annexes Canada while food riots sweep the country. Those who can afford it bury their heads in long-gone memories of 1950s Americana as the world goes to shit. The Sole Survivor settles down in the new “blast-proof” suburban projects northwest of Concord with their family. One October morning, the bombs fall.
I suspect that the 2070s culture we see is really nostalgia for 2040s nostalgia for 2010s nostalgia for 1980s nostalgia for the 1950s. (I hope that makes some kind of sense.) Modern cultural revival happens in generational cycles of about 25 years or so. For instance, lots of people associate that popular pink-turquoise-and-chrome color scheme with the eighties, but it’s actually derived from fifties diners. It’s not implausible to assume this trend will probably return in the 2040s, and then again 30 years after that.
The fifties influences in classic fallout feel more subdued compared to the warped caricature we see in the Bethesda games. When the first game came out twenty years ago, the Cold War was still fresh in many players’ minds, having ended less than a decade before. If they make another Fallout game in twenty years, it will feature an even more exaggerated 1950s aesthetic. As we become more separated from a time period, we tend to remember it as a mythologized over-the-top version of that time. Otherwise it ends up blending with the rest of “the past” as these differences become less and less distinct to mainstream audiences.
Maybe it’s just me, but the Fallout world seems a lot more plausible in 2018 than it did back in 2008. The future is more similar to the present than we’d like to believe. People still wear t shirts and blue jeans, they still work in brick buildings and live in houses with vinyl siding. Especially in small towns and individual neighborhoods, decades can pass with very little evidence of change. “Contemporary styles” are over fifty years old, and shall likely endure for at least as long.
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Trip Report - 9 Days of Tokyo Halloween & Autumn Festival

First I'd like to thank this subreddit so much for all the help it provided me. This was my first time in Japan with just me and my SO and we had an absolute blast. With that being said, here's my collection of photos!
From what I've seen, most folks spend not too much time in Tokyo and usually head around to other cities, I wanted to share my experience spending most of my time in the city and enjoying what it had to offer for the Halloween/Autumn season!
Friday, Oct 26th - Shibuya
Saturday, Oct 27th - Studio Ghibli Museum + Monster Hunter Bar
Sunday, Oct 28th - National Garden + Anata no Warehouse + Kawasaki Halloween Parade
Monday, Oct 29th - Meiji Jingu + Harajuku + Unagi Hashimoto + Ikebukuro Sunshine City + Pokemon Cafe
Tuesday, Oct 30th - Ueno Park + Akihabara
Wednesday, Oct 31st - Senso-ji + Kappabashi + Edo-Tokyo Museum
Thursday, Nov 1st - Tokyo DisneySEA
Friday, Nov 2nd - Odaiba + Miraikan + Shinjuku
Saturday, Nov 3rd - End of the Journey
Overall I really enjoyed my trip and even though I only stayed in Tokyo and the surrounding areas, I felt that it had a lot to offer besides the usual tourist affair.
To add to this un general, there is so much good food. It is better to just tripmaster or yelp a good reviewed restaurant and the food will be delicious regardless. Doesn't need to be a recommended place with a long line. We ate at decent places and had conbini food aside from Unagi Hashimoto and it was great.
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Why People Like Visiting Las Vegas?

Why People Like Visiting Las Vegas?
Las Vegas is a beautiful modern city with amazing attractions. At the time of initiating your Las Vegas vacation plan, you must know about the things you can do in the city for less and about the things that you must not miss at all if you are in the city. Las Vegas is a dream city because of its crazy routes and stunning beauty. It is called the sin city with a collection of best things.
  1. Weather: The city occupies the best weather conditions for travel. From Spring to fall there are plentiful of amazing things to see like the blooming eucalyptus to the migratory birds in the natural reserves. It normally occupies moderate weather conditions.
  1. Shopping: The city has some of the best shopping zones which allow a lot of shopping experiments and bargaining. There are branded shops and flashy outlets. Places like the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, coca-cola store, grand bazaar shops, town square, and meadows mall occupies the best collection of gifting items and affordable souvenirs.
  1. It has a lot of free places: The parks and the downtown of the city remains free for the visitors. You can see the creative street art stores, Visit the Bellagio, and see the Conservatory and Botanical Garden, totally free. The expansive views don’t coast a penny in this amazing city.
  1. Cheap flights: Las Vegas is busy throughout the year and there are millions of tourists visiting the place all year long. But you can avail Cheap flights to Las Vegas each time by booking your airfares with Tripiflights and make your travel really cheap and affordable.
  1. Accommodations: Since the city is a tourism hub there are plenty of affordable options for hotels and most of them are very hospitable to guests. From Luxury, Boutique, Mid-Range, Business, pet-friendly, motels, hostels and more according to your convenience and budgets.
  1. Entertainment: Last but not the least the city is the entertainment hub of the world and has some of the craziest attractions. From the casinos to the nightlife there is so much to try and do for the first time in the city.
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TIFU by going on a date with a recovering alcoholic

This FU happened a few days ago, but just now I learned to accept the shame.
I met a girl on POF and after a few days we agreed to go on a date. We are both locals who live in Las Vegas. I invited her to go out for dinner and a walk through the gardens at Bellagio.
Day of the date arrives I get dressed up, pick up the girl. As on most 1st dates there was a bit of jitters. Get to the casino as leave the truck. I thought I would take her to "The Paris Hotel & Casino" for dinner as we would have to walk by the fountains. (READ: thought it may set the mood)
Get to the place where we have dinner. This is moment I started to fuck things up.
I ordered for both us a bottle of wine. We take it slow and are finally hitting things off by the end of dinner things are going great. Leave there and while walking back across the street to the Bellagio the girl spots one of the tourist bars.
At these tourist bars they sell these souvenir plastic bottles that look like the eiffel tower. In these bottles they add a slushie and the alcohol of your choosing. Well the bartender asks if we are tourist and we respond we are not. The girl states that we're on a date. The bartender then gives me a wink while shes not looking. this guy added about 1/2 a bottle of vodka to this thing. Then fills up the rest with slushie.
We sit down at a table just talking. Clue one She says one charm on her bracelet is to remind her not to forget. Being stupid I don't follow up on it. 15-20 minutes later I see shes half way down the drink. I figured her for a party girl so I thought she could handle it. 10 minutes later the eiffel tower is empty. Now in my head I'm thinking I should take her home as this was not my style.
We cross the street and shes tipsy. Not bad shes holding on to me so I kinda like it. Just then the water show starts. We stop and this 8-10 minute fountain show is what fucked me over. This gave the alcohol in her system more time to screw her up.
The show stops and now shes losing her balance a little bit more. Im doing a more lifting and trying to get her home ASAP. We walk to the casino and we have to take an escalator which will take us to the shoppes, through the gambling area which leads to the elevators which finally reach the parking garage.
Mission begins NOW!
So we get to the escalators and start going up. I am one step behind holding all her weight at this time. People are staring and I'm just like she's had a rough night ect. Now I have no idea why but she moved to the other side of the escalator. While in motion she lost her balance and tumbled down the escalator. Every time she would try to get up she rolled a few more steps. Now other people on the escalator are trying to stop her from rolling back to the bottom. Im climbing down the escalator to get to her. At the top of the escalator someone hits the emergency stop button and I lose me balance. I almost fall but I grab on to the railing and save myself. I help the girl up and shes laughing. I ask if she needs a dr or wants to go to the hospital. She refuses and at this point I'm bright red. Everyone is starring at us. We reach the top and we continue walking.
Mission FAIL NOW
No even 4-5 steps from leaving getting off the escalators she tips over and hits the marble flooring. She's not getting up and now hotel employees are coming by. 1 minute later security shows up and asks her not to move. Now there's a crowd watching and Im just standing there. Paramedics show up and put her on the gurney and I tag along. In the ambulance going over routine questions I mention she has been drinking quite a bit.
This is when the Paramedic looks at me...he grabs her hand shows me this charm, and says, " Well I wonder how long she was sober ;this is a sobriety charm they give at some AA's"
I leave UMC catch a cab pick up my truck and head home.
TL ;DR go on date give alcohol to girl who is in recovering and i got to ride in an ambulance
Update: After work I managed to work up enough courage to give her a call. We spoke for a while where she explained her condition and that she knew she messed up at dinner when we drank the bottle of wine. I explained how the bartender gave me a wink while he poured the bottle. She then admitted she asked the bartender for a double while I was pulling my wallet to get my CC. * Not sure if this clears me but maybe this wink was like acknowledgement that he hooked us up?
She didn't remember falling down nor the ambulance ride. I said sorry for leaving at her at the hospital. She agreed that was kinda fucked up lol. But she says we have one hell of a story for a 1st date and said we should go out again minus the alcohol.
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[S3E18] Twin Peaks: The Return - Complete music list

An exhaustive list of the songs and ambient music heard in Twin Peaks: The Return.
Twin Peaks (Limited Event Series Soundtrack)
Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series)
Dean Hurley - Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△
Full playlist in a chronological order
- PART 1 - My log has a message for you.
Dean Hurley - Intro Cymbal Wind
Opening of Part 1, and the drone sound we hear just before each opening credits sequence
Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks Main Theme (Edit)
Opening credits
David Lynch & Dean Hurley - Sub Dream
to be confirmed
Thought Gang - Frank 2000
to be confirmed
Muddy Magnolias - American Woman (David Lynch Remix)
Mr C drives a car at night and enters Buella's place
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch – Solo Percussion 1
Short drum sequence on a Las Vegas view
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room
Hawk walks through the woods and we enter the Red Room
- PART 2 - The stars turn and a time presents itself.
Dean Hurley– Tube Wind Dream
Cooper enters the Glass Box
Chromatics – Shadow
Performed at the Roadhouse
- PART 3 - Call for help.
David Lynch & Dean Hurley – Dream Recall
to be confirmed
Dean Hurley– Electricity I
Cooper meets with American Girl and escapes the Mauve Zone
The Cactus Blossoms – Mississippi
Performed at the Roadhouse
- PART 4 - ...brings back some memories.
Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme (Love Theme From Twin Peaks)
Bobby cries when he sees Laura’s picture
Dave Burbeck – Take Five
Sonny Jim helps Cooper eat breakfast
Au Revoir Simone – Lark
Performed at the Roadhouse
- PART 5 - Case files.
Johnny Jewel – The Flame
Opening on Las Vegas shots
BluntedBeatz – I Am (Old School Hip Hop Beat)
Heard in the room of the woman called by the hitman
Uniform – Habit
Bad guys in the black car approach Dougie’s car for the first time
Angelo Badalamenti – Grady Groove (feat. Grady Tate)
Dougie in the elevator going to work and drinking coffee, to be confirmed
Uniform – Tabloid
Bad guys in the black car approach Dougie’s car for the second time and die
Unkown artist– Unknown title, '119 music'
'119 mother' wakes up at the sound of flames
The Paris Sisters – I Love How You Love Me
Becky gets high in her boyfriend’s car
The U.S. Army Concert Band – The Stars & Stripes Forever
Dr Amp/Jacoby broadcasts his infomercial
Dean Hurley – Angel Choir Reveal
Dr Amp/Jacoby broadcasts his infomercial
Trouble – Snake Eyes
Performed at the Roadhouse
Johnny Jewel – Windswept
Dougie Jones stays outside of Lucky7 Insurance
- PART 6 - Don't die.
Johnny Jewel – Windswept
Dougie Jones stays outside of Lucky7 Insurance
Dean Hurley – Electricity I
Shot on traffic lights
Dean Hurley – Unknown track
"Don't die"
Johnny Jewel – Windswept
Dougie Jones solves case files
Dean Hurley - Slow One Chord Blues (Interior)
Albert looks for Diane in a pub
Dean Hurley – Tone / Slow Speed Prison / Low Mood
"Heads I win, tails you lose"
Angelo Badalamenti - Accident / Farewell Theme
Carl Rodd witnesses the death of a young boy
BluntedBeatz – I Am (Old School Hip Hop Beat)
Ike the Spike receives orders
Johnny Jewel – Windswept
Bushnell Mullins reviews Dougie's case files
BluntedBeatz – I Am (Old School Hip Hop Beat)
Ike the Spike kills Lorraine
Dean Hurley– Electricity II
Richard Horne parks near the trees, which reflects as electric wires on his windshield
Dean Hurley – Unknown track
Hawk founds a secret behind the bathroom door
Sharon Van Etten – Tarifa (Roadhouse Mix)
Performed at the Roadhouse
- PART 7 - There's a body all right.
Booker T. & The M.G.’s – Green Onions
In the Roadhouse, we are introduced to Jean-Michel Renault
Santo & Johnny Farina – Sleep Walk
Played in the RR Diner
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Half Speed Orchestra 3 (Windom Earle's Motif)
Played in the RR Diner at the very end of the credits, mixed with Sleep Walk
- PART 8 - Gotta light?
Ludwig Van Beethoven – Piano Sonata No. 14, Moonlight Sonata (David Lynch Remix)
Strange ghosts appear when Mr C gets shot
“The” Nine Inch Nails - She’s Gone Away
Performed at the Roadhouse
Witold Rowicki – Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima (with Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra)
1945, the Trinity bomb explodes in New Mexico
David Lynch & Dean Hurley – Slow 30’s Room
In the room with ??????? and Senorita Dido. The music comes from David Lynch's The Air is on Fire.
Angelo Badalamenti – The Fireman
Laura Palmer is sent on Earth
The Platters – My Prayer
The Woodsman enters the radio station
- PART 9 - This is the chair.
U.S. Air Force Band - America, The Beautiful
Dougie looks at the American flag
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Deer Meadow Shuffle
The Fusco brothers talk in the office and arrest Ike
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Abstract Mood
Shot on the sherif's station in Twin Peaks
Angelo Badalamenti – The Chair
Betty Briggs reveal her husband’s secret
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Half Speed Orchestra 2 (Dark Forces)
Diane receives a text message on her phone
Hudson Mohawke – Human
Performed at the Roadhouse while the two drugged girls are talking
Au Revoir Simone - A Violent Yet Flammable World
Performed at the Roadhouse
- PART 10 - Laura is the one.
Harry Dean Stanton – Red River Valley
Performed on guitar by Carl Rodd in the Fat Trout Trailer Park
Johnny Jewel – Slow Dreams
After Dougie and Janey-E sex scene
Mantovani and His Orchestra – Charmaine
Richard Horne robs his grand-mother Sylvia
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Slow Speed Orchestra 2 (Unease Motif / The Woods)
The Mitchum brothers watch Candy on surveillance camera - to be confirmed
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch – Half Speed Orchestra 1 (Stair Music / Danger Theme)
The Mitchum brothers watch Candy on surveillance camera
Thought Gang – Headless Chicken
The Mitchum brothers debrief the complex situation they are facing
Rebekah Del Rio – No Stars
Performed at the Roadhouse
- PART 11 - There's fire where you are going.
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Slow Speed Orchestra 2 (Unease Motif / The Woods)
The young boys playing ball see a dying Miriam looking for help - to be confirmed
Thought Gang - Frank 2000
Becky takes a gun and steals her mother's car to go to Steven's - to be confirmed
Witold Rowicki – Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima (with Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra)
Diane sees a Woodsman approaching the car - to be confirmed
Shawn Colvin - Viva Las Vegas
Cooper in a white limousine, leaving Las Vegas to meet the Mitchum brothers
Angelo Badalamenti - Heartbreaking
Played in the restaurant where Cooper and the Mitchum brothers share a drink
- PART 12 - Let's rock.
Angelo Badalamenti – Night
Tammy joins the Blue Rose task force
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Back to Fat Trout (Unease Motif / The Woods)
The short reverse sound we hear when Diane says "Let's rock!"
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch – Teresa's Autopsy
Sarah Palmer in the grocery store
Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme
Hawk visits Sarah Palmer
Angelo Badalamenti – Unknown track
Hawk talks with Sarah Palmer, to be confirmed
The U.S. Army Concert Band – The Stars & Stripes Forever
Dr Amp/Jacoby broadcasts his infomercial (again)
Dean Hurley – Angel Choir Reveal
Dr Amp/Jacoby broadcasts his infomercial (again)
Chromatics – Saturday (Instrumental)
Performed at the Roadhouse - original song by Desire on Johnny Jewel's "Windswept LP"
- PART 13 - What story is that, Charlie?
Angelo Badalementi & David Lynch – Solo Percussion 2 (remix)
The crazy casino music that plays when Dougie dances with the Mitchum brothers, based on Solo Percussion 2 from The Twin Peaks Archive
Unknown artist – Unknown track
Anthony Sinclair calls Duncan Todd
Dean Hurley – Seven Heaven
The gym set is being set up in the Jones' backyard
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Dance of the Swans - From Swan Lake
Sonny Jim plays in the backyard. The music is played on a music box. The sample used could be this one
Dean Hurley – Eastern European Symphonic Mood No. 1
Mister C confronts with Renzo's gang
Dean Hurley – Tone / Slow Speed Prison / Low Mood
The 'Tone' part is the sound we hear when the ring returns in the Red Room
James Marshall – Just You
Performed at the Roadhouse by James Hurley and two female singers
- PART 14 - We are like the dreamer.
Unknown artist– Unknown track
Gordon tells about his dream
Dean Hurley– Forest / Interior
The Truman team investigates in Jack Rabbit's Palace and Andy meets the Fireman
Gregorio Allegri– Miserere mei, Deus
430% slower, when the vortex appears (thank you Lassig)
Dean Hurley– Electricity II
Sarah opens her face at the bar
Dean Hurley– Low Sustained Mystery
At the Roadhouse, two women talk about Billy and Tina
Lissie – Wild West (Roadhouse Mix)
Performed at the Roadhouse
- PART 15 - There's some fear in letting go.
Otis Redding – I've Been Loving You Too Long (Live From Monterey Pop)
The Big Ed and Norma story
Dean Hurley – Electricity II
Mister C approaches the convenience store (shot on electric wires)
Witold Rowicki – Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima (with Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra)
Some parts are played outside the convenience store
Dean Hurley – Forest / Interior
Mister C walks in the convenience store
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch – Phillip Jeffries
Mister C wants to talk about Judy
Dean Hurley – Black Box
Jeffries gives numbers
Dean Hurley – Electricity II
The convenience store disappears
Thought Gang – Summer Night
Steven and Gersten in the woods (to be confirmed)
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch – Distant Train
Mark Frost's character talks to Carl Rodd
Dean Hurley – Weighted Room / Choral Swarm
Mark Frost's character talks to Carl Rodd
ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man
Played at max volume in the Roadhouse during the fight
Dean Hurley – Electricity I
Cooper watches Sunset Boulevard and tries to enter the film
Angelo Badalamenti - Accident / Farewell Theme
Margaret Lanterman
The Veils – Axolotl (Roadhouse Mix)
Performed at the Roadhouse
- PART 16 - No knock, no doorbell.
Dean Hurley – Night Electricity Theme
Mister C and Richard Horne approach the rock
Muddy Magnolias - American Woman (David Lynch remix)
Diane walks in the hotel's corridor
Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks Theme
Cooper is back
Angelo Badalamenti - Accident / Farewell Theme
Cooper says goodbye to the Jones family
Eddie Vedder – Out Of Sand
Performed at the Roadhouse
Angelo Badalamenti – Audrey's Dance
Performed at the Roadhouse
Angelo Badalamenti – Audrey's Dance (reversed)
Performed at the Roadhouse during the credits
- PART 17 - The past dictates the future.
David Lynch & Dean Hurley – Sub Dream
Mister C walks to Jack Rabbit Palace
Dean Hurley – Interior Home by the Sea
Mister C is sent to the Sheriff's station
Dean Hurley – Unknown track
Dark mood in the Sheriff's station
Ludwig Van Beethoven – Piano Sonata No. 14, Moonlight Sonata (David Lynch Remix)
Another Woodsmen ritual around Mister C
Dean Hurley – Unknown track
Freddie versus Bob
Dean Hurley – Unknown track
Naido Diane
Angelo Badalamenti – Night
To be confirmed
Dean Hurley – Tone / Slow Speed Prison / Low Mood
Cooper, Diane and Cole walk in the Great Northern basement
Dean Hurley – Unknown track
Cooper follows Mike above the convenience store
Dean Hurley – Unknown track
Cooper talks with Philip Jeffries
Dean Hurley – Black Box
Cooper is taken back to a souvenir of Laura Palmer
Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme (Love Theme From Twin Peaks)
Copper and Laura meet in the woods
Dean Hurley – Unknown track
Stabby Sarah
Julee Cruise – The World Spins
Performed at the Roadhouse
- PART 18 - What is your name?
Angelo Badalamenti - Accident / Farewell Theme
Dougie Jones is back
Dean Hurley – Unknown track
Laura tells another secret to Cooper
The Platters – My Prayer
Diane and Cooper at the motel
Angelo Badalementi – Dark Space Low
End credits
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Las Vegas Largest Souvenir Shop 9 - YouTube Exhibitors at Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show - YouTube BARBIE CONVENTION SOUVENIRS 2020! NBDCC LAS VEGAS - YouTube World's Largest Gift Shop Las Vegas Souvenirs I Got From Las Vegas!  Yvonne Phung - YouTube NEW BBC Documentary 2018 Hidden secret of Las Vegas ... 'Souvenirs of the Las Vegas Strip: 1960-1980' Displayed at County Museum Jok'Air - LAS VEGAS - YouTube THE WORLD’S LARGEST SOUVENIR SHOP  WALKING TO SAHARA ... LIVE huge bet a $1000 spin in Bellagio casino in Las Vegas ...

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Las Vegas Largest Souvenir Shop 9 - YouTube

Walking around the store that proclaims to be the world's largest gift shop. There is sure a whole lot of stuff there, even a naughty parrot. Located near the Sahara Casino and the Stratosphere. I ... Hear from the exhibitors themselves at the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show. Clark County Museum presents, "Bringing It Home: Souvenirs of the Strip: 1960-1980," through Aug. 20, 2017. Throughout the 1960s and ‘70s the fabulous Las Vegas Strip saw amazing growth. People ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. We finally visit the World's Largest Gift Shop located on Las Vegas Blvd. I received #BARBIE CONVENTION SOUVENIRS! Yes I'm still sharing about #BarbieConvention!lol You can't miss what I got because they are all too cute!!! #nbdcc2... Achetez, Streamez Jok'Travolta vite vos places de concert. Bientôt plus de tickets disponibles en vente.Realisé par: ... Hello welcome to Amazing Docu and News We did a live huge spin of $1000,- on a slotmachine in the highrollers area in the Bellagio casino hotel in Las Vegas on the strip.Http:// De c... Souvenirs I Got From Las Vegas! Yvonne Phung I hope you guys liked all souvenirs I got from Vegas! ️