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[COMC] My cozy personal board game cafe after culling about 90 games, and terribly brief reasons why.

So I've been into boardgaming for a bit over 2 years now. BGstats says I have 748 logged plays with a time estimate of 552hrs which is probably a bit low. At max my collection was 65 games at once. Over the years I've gotten rid of nearly 90 games(a couple of which I don't remember and haven't tracked). My goal was to eventually get to about 30 or so games and be able to repurpose the shelf, that was once full to the brim with only board games, to hold my espresso setup and some cookbooks.
Here's the main shelf:
And the side one:
The big clear container is all the Small World stuff. I also have a crokinole board hanging around that has well over 100 games on it already since july.
I primarily play 1v1 with maybe 8 or so people regularly. Then I have semi regular groups of 3 and 4 players with different combos of those people. We all like very competitive games that we can play over and over and get gud at.
My top game is undoubtedly Catacombs. My friends always have a blast when they play and they're constantly bringing in new friends to try it out because it's so fun. Easy to teach and filled with unique situations and laughter, we play every week. Too many Bones is probably next up then it's a wild free for all among the competitive games.
The games that aren't locked in yet are:
Ecos(which is gone now).
OP Arena
Dale of Merchants
I don't think any of those last 3 are going to get cut, maybe OP Arena depending on how it goes over at 3 players.
My biggest surprise has been Enchanters. It's probably my game of the year. I'm really just adoring it. So easy to teach and it rewards skill and knowledge of the game. You have to watch every purchase your opponent makes, and the drafting is about twice as cutthroat as Azul. Playing through the entire deck every game makes it very strategic and the Overlords/Towns give a tremendous amount of meaningful variation. It's a highly competitive puzzle box. Plays well at 3 also so that's a big plus.
Newest game is Quarriors which I got thursday and we played 10 games of last night. Very surprising, an almost guaranteed lock in, tons of fun.
Oldest game is Trickerion which unfortunately doesn't get too much play. Hoping that'll change now that the big box stuff is in. We got it back maybe a month into t h e h o b b y.
So yea, we play lots of games with a very competitive mindset and we like playing them over and over. If you have specific questions about what's in my collection or want me to go more in depth about why something got cut(in the context of my personal group/opinions), leave a comment!
Here are some too brief impressions on each culled game along with play count and bgg rating(I use their rating scale definitions). If you want a more in depth opinion, please ask!
  1. AEGIS Combining Robots: 2, 4/10: Unexciting, obtuse, slow, unfun drafting, clunky gameplay
  2. Adrenaline: 2, 5/10: Boring, cool damage as area majority thing bogged down by slow and tedious gameplay.
  3. Aeon's End: 20, 7/10: Fun, cool legacy campaign. Good decisions. Lots of content. Only got played by 1 friend who's not around often.
  4. Apocrypha: 5, 6/10: Each of the 5 friends I played this with on separate occasions. "Why aren't we playing Too Many Bones?". Cool "living box" system though. Good Supernatural-esque theme. Wish they liked it more.
  5. Athlas: Duel for Divinity: 3, 6/10: Very very cool ideas on this one. MTG-like chess. Bogged down by terrain rules, large rules overhead in general, and "deck" construction time investment for not enough payoff.
  6. Azul: 10, 6/10: Fun, fast, only 1 person ever wanted to play. Took up too much space for a 6/10
  7. Battle for Rokugan: 4, 6/10: Needs fast, iterative play to be good. Nobody wanted to play it more than once.
  8. Battlecon(all of it): 35, 6(prev 9)/10: One of the first games I got. All the little niggles grew over the past 2 years. Fiancee hates it. Takes too long to play. Got Yomi in. Played that 40 times in a week, fiancee loves it. Battlecon takes too long to get to the depth of a character. Matchups are unique but feel boring after a few games where a single matchup in yomi has like, idk, 30+ games of life in it or more for us so far.
  9. Beasts of Balance(all of it): 10, 8/10: Pure stacking joy. Giving it to my fiancee's nephews.
  10. Bemused: 10, 7/10: Neat social game nobody wants to play.
  11. Bios: Genesis: 1, 4/10: No
  12. Bios: Megafauna 2nd: 1, 3/10: Save me
  13. Brew Crafters: 2, 5/10: Too dry. Beer buds don't want to play euros.
  14. Cerebria: 4, 7/10: Good ideas, good gameplay. Too many obtuse systems layered on top.
  15. The Climbers: 4, 5/10: Nobody liked this. Kills the party atmosphere. Don't want to play it in a non party atmosphere.
  16. Clockwork Wars: 2, 7/10: Too much rules/game knowledge burden to get anyone to play.
  17. Cosmic Encounter(All of it): 8, 7/10: Everyone wants to play Chaosmos more.
  18. Crystal Clans: 6, 6/10: Snappy, fun, didn't do enough to justify space on the shelf
  19. Cutthroat Caverns: 0, ?/10: Pulled this out on 2 occasions with separate groups. "Wait that's the art? I'll pass." New edition looks promising though.
  20. Darkest Night 2nd Ed: 6, 6/10: Only good solo. I don't do solo anymore.
  21. Dice Forge: 4, 4/10: No fun for anyone involved.
  22. Dominant Species: 0, ?/10: Could never get this one played. Too daunting to my friends.
  23. Dungeon Degenerates: 4, 7/10: "Why aren't we playing Too Many Bones again?"
  24. Ecos: 6, 7/10: Nobody wants to put in the plays for the drafting meta to take off and the game needs that to happen to be compelling. Good systems, good gameplay.
  25. Empires(wizkids): 2, 5/10: Needs a big group and is ultimately still boring.
  26. Epic PVP(Fantasy/magic): 15, 7/10: Good concepts and fun gameplay. Kinda overshadowed by Yomi, Puzzle Strike, etc and those game have more interesting matchups. Boxes take up lots of space for a game that will rarely get played.
  27. Epic Spell Wars: 2, 4/10: Needs to humor to hit to be compelling. The humor didn't hit.
  28. Evolution: Climate: 11, 6/10: App came out
  29. Exiled Legends: 2, 7/10: No good at 2p. At3p nobody wants to play over other games.
  30. A Feast for Odin: 4, 6/10: Slow, fiddly, not interactive enough. Compelling solo but I don''t solo no mo.
  31. Flamme Rouge: 1, 4/10: My group of friends after game 1 "well that was a waste of time."
  32. Fog of Love: 4, 5/10: More experience than game. We want competitive, iterative games with meta. We'll watch movies or read books for experiences.
  33. Founders of Gloomhaven: 2, 4/10: Concordia/Zimbabwe mutant gloomhaven baby. Very cool ideas, slow slow slow gameplay and obtuse rules. Nobody will touch this again
  34. The Fox in the Forest: 6, 5/10: "Hey wanna play cribbage instead?"
  35. Gloom: 0, ?/10: Got this as a freebie in a trade, never played
  36. Grimslingers: 2, 4/10: "This RPS mechanic is even dumber and more obtuse than battlecon's" -my fiancee and #1 gaming buddy, who thinks battlecon's rps system is "really dumb and stupid obtuse."
  37. Hardback: 7, 6/10: "Let's play scrabble instead".
  38. Heroes Wanted: 2, 6/10: Too complex for what it is. Humor falls flat. Long setup and tedious gameplay.
  39. Historia: 1(solo), 5/10: Everyone thinks it looks like a spreadsheet. Nobody wants to play a spreadsheet.
  40. Hyperborea: 4, 6/10: Very cool game marred by balance issues and a good bit of setup for what it is.
  41. Illimat: 12, 7/10: Cool game but we play regular Casino much more often and enjoy it more than illimat.
  42. Import/Export: 10, 7/10: Sold to get new version coming next year.
  43. Impulse 2nd Ed: 1, 4/10: waaaaay too opaque and needlessly complex.
  44. Innovation Deluxe: 12, 6/10: Used to be a 8 but cooled off after more plays and got overlooked in a wall of 65 games. Half-heartedly looking to get it again if it comes up for swap.
  45. Istanbul: 1, 5/10: App's out.
  46. John Company: 1, 6/10: Experience that needs lots of people who all would rather play an actual game.
  47. Karmaka: 2, 4/10: Forgettable card game with neat art.
  48. Keyper: 3, 5/10: Too much hassle to get to deeper play. Not interactive enough.
  49. King's Chamption: 1, 3/10: A mess of a small box game. Fiddly, annoying, overlong.
  50. Legend of Korra Pro Bending Deluxe: 4, 6/10: Only 1 friend wanted to learn this one. Needs commitment to be good. Lots of depth and customization to the system but not worth keeping around for 1 friend who's still only meh on it.
  51. March of the Ants: 4, 7/10: I love this game and want to champion it but nobody wants to play a game about ants that looks like it came out of an 80s bio textbook.
  52. Mistfall(all of it): 0, ?/10: Got this to boost a trade value. No intention of playing because, you guessed it "Why wouldn't we just play too many bones?"
  53. Mysthea: 3, 3/10: I think I actually wished for death on my second 3.5 hour game in a row of this. And then I still played it one more time to be sure. Cool ideas, waaaay too long. Make this a 1 hr game and I'm so down.
  54. Mystic Vale(All of it): 14, 7/10: App's out.
  55. Nations: 5, 6/10: Cooled off on this one quick. Buying icons to buy more icons to buy better icons to buy more icons to buy victory points.
  56. The Networks: 1, 3/10: 1st grade math was never fun.
  57. Neuroshima Hex 3.0: 5, 7/10: Cool concepts, a bit too long, overshadowed by other 1v1 games.
  58. Ortus Regni: 20, 8/10: Can't get anyone to play with me anymore.
  59. Patchistory: 1, 6/10: Very neat, good looking game. Too involved, game is too long. Weird scoring interludes. Needs 3 players and I have better 3p games.
  60. Petrichor: 10, 7/10: Beautiful game that we're all collectively over now.
  61. Pixel Tactics(all of it): 8, 7/10: Only 1 friend wanted to play this.
  62. Roll for the Galaxy(All of it): 16, 7/10: Really good game but we wanted more heads up interactive stuff. Newest expansion is cool but some modules make the game way too long for what it is.
  63. Roll Player(all of it): 7, 6/10: Felt too much like doing my own puzzle next to everyone else. The drafting didn't feel good,. The monster thing was clunky. Overlong.
  64. Santorini: 21, 7/10: Gave to my buddy, waiting for deluxe edition to release eventually.
  65. Fate of Fantos: 0, ?/10: Could never convince anyone to play.
  66. Seasons: 7, 7/10: The most fun part is the draft then you still have 30 mins of sitting there waiting to see if your plans worked. Not enough interaction.
  67. Smash Up(All of it): 20 recorded(~50 actual) 6/10: One of my first games. Slow decline in interest over 2 years. Small World is better.
  68. Sol: Last Days of a Star: 6, 7/10: Good, beautiful game that could see a ton of play with the right group. We lost interest at 2 players and would very rarely actually play with 3 or more.
  69. Sorcerer(all of it): 2, 5/10: Just really middling. Nothing felt cool or explosively fun.
  70. Spirit Island + Expansion: 2, 3/10: Bought, solo play, traded, rebought, played with fiancee, stricken from the record of my life.
  71. Theomachy(all of it): 3, 3/10: About 1000 very cool ideas with absolutely 0 streamlining or focus. Could've been a very cool game but is just a nasty mishmash of mechanisms.
  72. This War of Mine: 4, 6/10: Better as a video game.
  73. Tragedy Looper: 0, ?/10: I guess "It's an anime logic puzzle" never got anyone's juices flowing.
  74. Troyes: 4, 7/10: I'm the only one who wanted to play this over and over. Not good for the once-a-month play it would get.
  75. Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down(all of it): 3, 7/10: Very cool, didn't like the direction the game was going with minis and all that.
  76. Untold: Adventures Await: 4, 7/10: I have more fun storytelling games that get played more often. Like Powerplay.
  77. Vinhos Deluxe: 6, 7/10: Cool game, too much setup/teardown. Needs more regular play than once a month but nobody wants to play it that much.
  78. Viticulture(all of it): 16, 8/10: Kinda just got over it. Traded while we still had some love for the game instead of letting it putter out and die a middling death like it was looking to do. Not enough interesting interaction or cardplay. Very pleasant and easy to teach though. A cozy vibes game.
  79. VivaJava: 2, 7/10: I can never get the 6 other people it takes for this game to be good. But it's VERY good if you can get that group together.
  80. War Chest: 7, 7/10: Have better 1v1 abstracts. Why waste time playing this when I can get better at those.
  81. Warhammer Diskwars(all of it...3x): 2, 6/10: This was a big get for a good price between my fiancee and I that never actually got played.
  82. Wingspan: 6, 4/10: This one just didn't work with my group. It was okay but it felt like busywork. Not interactive enough. Looks good though, maybe the expansion fixes some things.
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview 7/19-8/4 (early access 7/12 for cardholders)

Now open to all.
To avoid repeat posts regarding this sale, we will be considering this the mega post for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. All others will be removed and redirected. This post is linked in the sidebar.
Early access begins here. Thank you u/superberger.
Album here.
Thank you to the awesome u/badboybravos for sharing!
This post in under construction until this evening (I have errands sorry). I'll populate with entire list/links & alphabetize later this evening.
7pm pst currently populating list... STILL WORKING 9PM
That's it for me for tonight folks. I did fix as many of Nordstrom's spelling mistakes as I could but I'm sure I missed quite a few :)

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What are the best things to do in Europe at night?

Europe looks as beautiful at night as it does during the daytime. Here are some best things that you can enjoy here, after sunset:
 Casinos and Formula I in Monaco
 Cafes in Skopje’s Historic center
 Pubs in Prague
 Santorini
 Batumi
 The old town in Porto
 Dancing fountains in Yerevan
 Northern lights in Iceland or Norway
 Lake Bled festival in Slovenia
More about the author Etias-Europe
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It's not safe to travel right now, but as soon as it, here's where we're going first — 13 travel editors and writers share their top choices

  1. Elements of Caldera Suites - Santorini, Greece
  2. Il Castelfafi - Tuscany, Italy
  3. The Jekyll Island Club Resort - Jekyll Island, Georgia
  4. Disneyland Hotel - Anaheim, California
  5. Conrad Bora Bora - Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  6. Hilton at Resorts World Bimini - Bimini, Bahamas
  7. Viceroy Riviera Maya - Riviera Maya, Mexico
  8. Nayara Springs - Arenal, Costa Rica
  9. Nick's Cove Cottages - Marshall, California
  10. Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe - Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  11. Two Bunch Palms - Desert Hot Springs, California
  12. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
  13. Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino
Link to article
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[SELL/SWAP] Come on in! Let's continue to drown our sorrows in shiny, pretty things

Hello, my friends! I hope you're doing well on this fine night. So let's get the logistics out of the way:
⦁ Quite a few new items added & prices have been lowered :)
⦁ Please feel free to ask for additional pictures if desired.
⦁ The prices are already pretty low, but if you're not too keen on them, make me an offer! Especially for multiple items. I am extremely motivated to sell.
⦁ Shipping will be $4 for most things. Shipping from Ohio through USPS.
⦁ Using Paypal, G&S preferred (I'll cover fees).
⦁ P.S. If you see little puppies in the background of my photos, rest assured they have hair and not fur (so they don't trigger allergies) and they never come into contact with the makeup.
⦁ Thank you for looking!

LE = limited edition; BN = brand new; RV = retail value; BNIB/BNIP = brand new in box/package; DS = deluxe sample; FWP = free with purchase; RIS = received in swap

Swap list:
Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Lip Gloss in 'Sweet Tea' (BN)
ABH Glitter Adhesive (any usage) or another latex- and acrylate-free glitter glue
Lash glue free of latex & acrylates
PMG mini Mattetrance Lipstick Trio in 'Skin Show' (BN)
ND Chroma Crystal liquid eyeshadow in 'Sienna'
Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion (any size, any usage)

Eyes & Brows




Hair & Nails


Thank you for your perusal, please come again soon!
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[NE-US] [FT/S] Shadowrun Sprawl Ops, Escape Plan, Uboot, Apocrypha, Tuscany, Zombicide Bundle, and more! W: $, Rococo Expansion, Kingdom Death Monster, TI4, Trades list

Located in 68135 Wishlist: Looking for Pax Ren, TI4, KDM, Rococo Expansion and Promos, Russian Railroads Expansions, Ginkopolis [H][FS][FT] Board Games Apocrypha with The Devil and The Flesh and KS promos - $85 Arboretum (English deluxe edition 2018) (2018) - $25 Battle for Rokugan (English edition) (2017) - $25 Catan (Settlers of Catan Edition) with 5-6 Player Expansion - $40 Clusterf*ck! (2013) - Free with any other purchase Codenames (English first edition) (2015) - $10 Commissioned (First edition) (2016) - $25 Cosmic Encounter (2008) with Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Alliance (English edition) (2012) and Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Incursion (English edition) (2010) - $75 Defenders of the Last Stand (First edition) (2016) - $55 Deluxe Pit (2015) - SOLD Duelosaur Island (English X-treme edition) (2018) - $28 Escape Plan (English edition) (2019) with Upgrade Pack - SOLD Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer's Manor (English edition) (2016) - $10 Escape Curse of the Temple with Queenies #1, #2, #4, and #14 - $40 Forge War - $45 The Game of CHIPS (Jax first edition) (1999) - FREE with any purchase A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition) (English second edition) (2011) - $30 Going, Going, GONE! (First edition) (2013) - $8 I Can't Even With These Monsters (2016) - $5 Jarl - $25 Knee Jerk (First edition) (2015) with Knee Jerk: Movies Pack (First edition) (2015) , Knee Jerk: Sci-Fi Pack (First edition) (2015) , Knee Jerk: Time Travel Pack (First edition) (2015) - $5 Mapmaker: The Gerrymandering Game (Kickstarter First edition) (2019) - $40 Martians: A Story of Civilization (English-only kickstarter edition) (2016) - $45 Mottainai (English first deluxe edition (two decks)) (2015) - $30 The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera (English first edition) (2018) - $45 One Night Revolution (English first edition) (2015) - $10 Pixel Tactics 4 (First edition) (2015) with Pixel Tactics Promo Pack (First edition) (2017) - $10 Project: ELITE with Alien Pack Expansion and Dice ToweSpawn a Boss Promos - $105 Ra - $40 [redacted] Package: [redacted], [redacted]: Garden Party, [redacted]: Mercenaries - $20 Romantic Rendezvous (First edition) (1996) - Free with any other game purchase Salvation Road (Kickstarter First edition) (2016) - $40 Santorini with Scylla Promo - $15 Shadowrun: Sparawl Ops Legendary Box - $100 Siege Storm (2017) - $10 Skyway Robbery (Kickstarter First edition) (2015) - $70 Slap .45 Mini (First English edition) (2014) - $4 Spheres of Influence: Struggle for Global Supremacy (First edition) (2016) - $50 Stack The Bones (First edition) (2007) - $10 Terra Mystica with Expansion and Promo - $100 Swords and Bagpipes (English edition) (2015) with Swords and Bagpipes: God Me Defend promo (First edition) (2015) , Swords and Bagpipes: Know Your Enemy (English edition) (2015) , and Swords and Bagpipes: Special Dagger deck (English edition) (2015) - $55 Treasure Mountain (English edition) (2019) with Treasure Mountain: Caverns of Gandum (English edition) (2019) - $70 Truth Be Told (First edition) (2009) - $5 Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture (English first edition) (2014) - $40 UBOOT: The Board Game (English edition) (2019) - $175 Unlock! Expedition: Challenger (English first edition) (2019) - SOLD Unlock! Night of the Boogeymen (English first edition) (2019) - SOLD Unlock! Scheherazade's Last Tale (English first edition) (2019) - SOLD Unlock! The Formula (English edition) (2017) - SOLD Unlock! The House on the Hill (English edition) (2017) - $6 WitchHunt (2016) - $10 World War Z: The Game (First edition) (2013) - Free with any other game purchase - Zombicide Package: - $290 Zombicide, Season 2: Prison Outbreak, Season 3: Rue Morgue, Angry Neighbors, Toxic City Mall, Moustache Pack #4, Audrey, Benny, Curro, Miss Trish, Nikki, Oksana, Patrick, Thiago, VIP #1, Ultimate Survivors #2. Will consider parting at the right price. Zombie Fluxx (English edition 1.2) (2009) - $5 $ Promos Alien Artifacts: Event Promo Set (English first edition) (2018) - $4 Asgard's Chosen: Artifacts (First edition) (2013) - $4 Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Monsters & Mercenaries – Ancient Blue Dragon (First edition) (2017) - $2 Booze Barons: Lookout Tower Promo (First edition) (2016) - $2 Clinic Expansion: Medical Dossier 1 and 2 (First edition) (2014) - $20 Exodus: Proxima Centauri – ECID-S14 Mini-Expansion (First edition) (2018) - $6 Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar – Secret Cabal Promo Cards (First edition) (2018) - $6 Fruitcake Fun Pack (First edition) (2014) - $4 Get Rich Quick: Dice Tower Casino Promo (First edition) (2017) - $2 Good Cop Bad Cop: Equipment Pack #3 – Tower (First edition) (2016) - $3 Heroes Wanted: Dice Promo Card (1st edition) (2015) - $2 Leaving Earth: Mercury (First edition) (2015) - SOLD Lowlands: Brettspiel Adventskalender 2018 Promo (German First edition) (2018) - $3 Mage Wars Academy/Mage Wars: Arena Dice Tower Promo 2016 (First edition) (2016) - $5 Mage Wars: Dice Tower 2015 Funding Campaign Promo Card Set (First edition) (2015) - $5 ($7 for both) Muse: Factory Promo Card (First edition) (2017) - $3 New Salem: Tom Commands Promo Card (First edition) (2016) - $2 Pie Town: Special Order Micro Expansion (First edition) (2017) - $5 Police Precinct: Richard Austria Character Board (First edition) (2016) - $3 Raiders of the North Sea: Garphill Games 5-Year Anniversary Promos (First Edition) (2019) - $10 Raiders of the North Sea: Outsiders (English edition) (2018) - $10 Sentinels of the Multiverse: KNYFE Rogue Agent Promo Card (First edition) (2014) - $3 Shinobi WAT-AAH!: Saitenza Promo Card (English edition) (2014) - $2 Shipwrights of the North Sea: Garphill Games 5-Year Anniversary Promos (First Edition) (2019) - $5 Space Freaks: Prophecy – The 19th Head Promo Card (English First Edition) (2017) - $5 Speechless: Dice Tower Promo Pack (First edition) (2017) - $3 Star Realms: Promo Pack I (English edition) (2016) - $5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows Of The Past – Fugitoid Promo (First Edition) (2018) - $5 Veggie Garden: Harvest Festival Expansion (First edition) (2017) - $4 Vikings Gone Wild: Dice of Destiny promo card (First edition) (2018) - $10 Vikings: The Board Game – Dice Tower Kickstarter 2016 Promo (First edition) (2016) - $3 Viral: Rampage Mutation Promo Card (English edition) (2017) - $3 Viral: Vaselitus Promo Card (English edition) (2017) - $3 (Both for $5) Wasteland Express Delivery Service: One-Eyed Vito (First edition) (2019) - SOLD Wasteland Express Delivery Service: Rocker (First edition) (2018) - SOLD Wasteland Express Delivery Service: Scout (First edition) (2019) - SOLD Wasteland Express Delivery Service: The Demons (First edition) (2019) - SOLD Wazabi: Dice Tower 2017 Promo Pack (First edition) (2017) - $3 When I Dream: Bonus Cards (Gold/Dwarf: Hedgehog/Butterfly card) (2017) - $3
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25 Best Places to Visit in Europe

Although it is the world’s second-smallest continent, Europe welcomes more than half of all the tourists worldwide.
7 of the ten most visited countries in the world are European nations
. It’s easy to see why a well-preserved cultural heritage, productive history safety and efficient infrastructure makes visiting Europe a breeze. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Europe.


As the former seat of the Hapsburg Empire Vienna is awash with impressive imperial buildings and palaces which so comprehensively convey the wealth and power of its previous monarchs. Now the capital of Austria the city is a delight to get lost in. Nicknamed “the City of Music” the names of its famous residents roll off the tongue with Mozart Beethoven and Schubert among those who once graced its streets.


You have to marvel at the determination of prehistoric man when you look at Stonehenge. Construction started about 3000 BC on what was initially burial grounds. Huge monoliths weighing 25 tons dragged One hundred fifty miles to the site a few hundred years later. It’s not known precisely how many humungous rocks were moved to a field near Amesbury, but there are 13 standing today. It’s also not known why Stonehenge was built, but many believe this significant English landmark is associated with ancient astrology.


Egypt may have its pyramids, but Italy and Switzerland have a nature-made pyramid of their own Matterhorn. At 14,692 feet high, this famous mountain is one of the highest in Europe. The mountain has four faces, each equally rugged. The legendary mountain has been popular with climbers since the first ascent in 1865 during the summer 150 people a day try to climb it. Couch potatoes may be just as happy to stay below and gaze in awe at the summit playing hide and seek with the clouds.

Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes are so pretty officials turned them into a national park. Located in central Croatia Plitvice Lakes consists of 16 lakes that attract more than a million visitors a year. Lush forests surround the lakes and connected by waterfalls cascading down from one lake to another. The lakes are dividing into two sections lower and upper because of the difference in elevation. The best way to see the lakes is walking on the route you might even see some wildlife.


Budapest was already an established city when the Hungarians took over in the ninth century. Today Budapest is the country’s capital and largest city. In between these two events, Budapest was ruled by the Mongols and Ottomans among others. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe Budapest is home to the Museum of Fine Arts with its collection of more than 100,000 works. Be sure to visit the centrally located Old Town with its many museum’s churches palaces and Parliament building.


The Portuguese capital of Lisbon lies on the Tagus River along the Atlantic coast. It is this location that encouraged explorers to sail far and wide around the world in the15th 16th and 17th centuries. One of the things you’ll want to see is Belem Tower a 16th-century fortress on the Tagus’ north bank if you’re looking for excellent views of old Lisbon head to Saint George Castle that was built on a hilltop by the Moors.


You probably don’t know too many people who’ve been to Iceland. But it may be worth a trip there to visit the spectacular Gullfoss waterfalls. Located in southern Iceland Gullfoss is one of Iceland’s top tourist attractions. At times it almost appears glacier-like appropriate perhaps since a glacier feeds it. The waterfalls begin just after the Ölfusá River makes a perpendicular turn and then cascades down a three-step staircase into a canyon that is 115 feet deep.


Athens, a city that’s been inhabited since the fifth century BC, gave the world the concept of democracy and is the birthplace of Western civilisation. Many of the city’s significant landmarks can found in the old town particularly around the Acropolis. The list includes the temple of Zeus the Theatre of Dionysus where Sophocles works were performed and the Parthenon which sits atop the Acropolis.

Bay of Kotor

When you’re hungry for breathtaking scenery feast your eyes on Kotor Bay in southwestern Montenegro. This bay off the Adriatic is just downright picturesque hemmed in by mountains with quaint villages sandwiched between the cliffs and the beautiful blue water. Several well-preserved medieval towns ring the bay. People make pilgrimages here not only to take in the scenery but also to visit the many Orthodox, and Christian churches spread among the villages.


For nearly 900 years Moscow has been the capital of Russia. As such, this old city has plenty to offer visitors. Let’s start with the 15th century Red Square since many of the city’s key attractions surround it. A top landmark is the Kremlin a former fortress that houses museums and the president of the Russian federation. Lenin’s Tomb sits in the middle of the square while the iconic onion-domed St.Basil’s Cathedral now a museum is on one side.


Venice is for romantics who love gliding through the Grand Canal with a gondolier singing Italian love songs. This is, after all the city that sent Marco Polo off on his journey to China. Start your exploration of Venice at San Marco Square, the city’s most famous square. Here you’ll find the Doge’s Palace the seat of Venetian government and St. Mark’s Basilica the main church in Venice with stunning views from the tower. Venice also is famous for its bridges across the canals.

Monte Carlo

If you’re into glitz and glamour, look no further than Monte Carlo the major city in the tiny principality of Monaco. Monaco has always for these qualities, which reached new heights when its prince made Grace Kelly his princess. Sitting on the shores of the Mediterranean Monte Carlo is known for fast car races and its elite casino. Take a walk along the harbour to see yachts that belong to the rich and famous.


The Alhambra is one of the great wonders of Spain. It’s a gorgeous palace-fortress complex that can found in Granada in southern Spain’s Andalusia province. This imposing complex started as a small fortress in the late ninth century though it was built on the ruins of a former Roman fort. Taken over by Christian rulers, it is the site where Columbus got the go-ahead to discover the New World. The blending of architectural styles over the centuries is stunning. You’ll find great art and grand gardens throughout.


If it weren’t for Florence, the Renaissance might not have happened. Florence is generally credit with bringing Europe out of the dark ages with great artists like Michelangelo. You can see their works at the Uffizi gallery or the Academia that displays the original David. Eat a gelato while strolling the Ponte Vecchio that bridges the Arno River. Ogle the over-the-top riches of the Medici family at the Pitti Palace.Marvel at the new engineering that created the magnificent Duomo.


English history buffs will have a field day in London. This city on the Thames is chock full of palaces from Buckingham Palace to Hampton Court Palace. More a prison than a castle the Tower of London is home to the crowns jewels. And from Knightsbridge – don’t forget to visit the magnificent food halls at Harrods to Carnaby Street the shopping is fantastic. You can get around London quickly and efficiently by riding the famous Tube.

Neuschwanstein Castle

“Fairy tale castle” is a phrase that aptly describes Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps. These 19th century Romanesque Revival castles look like it just stepped out of a fairy tale some say Neuschwanstein inspired the castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The castle was built as a retreat for King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Who viewed it as a romanticisation of the Middle Ages The castle was built of brick then covered in rock including the white limestone that is visible from afar.


Amsterdam is a pleasant city marked with meandering canals lined with tall narrow row houses. It is the city where Anne Frank kept her famous diary, so visiting the house where she wrote that. Also is a city of great art beginning with the Rijksmuseum home to great European masterpieces Rembrandt’s house and the more modern van Gogh museum. Take a break from sightseeing to tour and sample Holland’s beer at the Heineken Brewery.


Prague, with a long history of war and destruction, is considered one of the best places to visit in Europe. Despite the devastation caused by World War II Prague has a charming Old Town that is worth more than a few hours of your time. Prague has many pedestrian zones which making walking a delight as you wander by Prague Castle through the Jewish Quarter and over the Charles Bridge. Wenceslas Square situated in the New Town hums with a vibrant nightlife and entertainment air.


Istanbul may be on the outer fringes of Europe but well worth a visit when you’re travelling abroad. Turkey’s biggest city is a fascinating place filled with a rich history, colourful markets and mosques. Top attractions include the Bosporus that separates Europe and Asia. The ecumenical Hagia Sophia that’s been a Greek Orthodox Christian basilica then an imperial mosque and now a museum and the 15th century Topkapi Palace also a museum today. Get in a little shopping at the Grand Bazaar that’s been in operation since 1461.


When the summer heat of Europe gets you down head to Norway with its pretty cool scenery. Geirangerfjord is a 9.3-mile long fjord with crystal blue waters fed by picturesque cascading waterfalls. Take a sightseeing trip on a car ferry through the fjord passing villages on the shores. Look out for the Seven Sisters and Suitor waterfalls so named because legend says he’s trying to court the sisters. Also, look for Bridal Veil – when the light is right, it seems like a thin veil covering the rocks.


Founded by the Romans Barcelona today is a bustling city on the Mediterranean Sea. As the capital of Catalonia, it is a powerhouse in the region. It is perhaps best known for the unusual buildings designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. These landmark structures include La Sagrada Familia a church that’s been under construction since 1892. You could build your entire visit around his buildings. But then you’d miss out on other Barcelona delights such as La Rambla a famous pedestrian street in the central part of the city.


As European cities go Dubrovnik isn’t huge but don’t let its size deter you. This little jewel with less than 43,000 people is one of the most visited cities in the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik transports visitors back to a time when the fortified town was a significant maritime power commanding the third-largest navy in the Mediterranean. As you wander the streets, you’ll likely come across sculptures of St. Viaho the city’s patron saint whose life is celebrating every February.


When it’s time to sit back and relax take yourself to Santorini an island in the Aegean. Top travel magazines consider this a prime destination once there you can’t help but agree. The island has picture-postcard villages an active volcano and stunning sunsets. Be sure to visit Fira, a town perched atop a cliff. You’ll also want to sample wines such as the dessert wine Vincent as well as the product that is made sweeter and tastier because of the volcanic ash soil it grows in.


Songs laud Paris in the springtime but any time of year is an excellent time to visit this riveting city on the River Seine. It’s a city loaded to the brim with history culture great food and high fashion. The iconic Eiffel Tower is one landmark you won’t want to miss. The Louvre houses one of the most significant art collections in the world. Its great churches include Sacred Heart and Notre Dame. When it comes to opulence, there’s Versailles with its famed Hall of Mirrors.


The ancient Romans established outposts as far away as Great Britain. They didn’t ignore their home city; however when it came to building great monuments. One must-see landmark is the Colosseum an arena that could hold up to 80,000 people for gladiator contests. One of the biggest draws is a tiny country inside the city The Vatican City, with its impressive St. Peter’s Basilica with art provided by Michelangelo. Maybe you’ll get a glimpse of the pope at his Wednesday audiences.
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A summary of the first act of my JW rewrite.

Like I mentioned in other posts, I began working on a retelling of JW three years ago and at the current state, it's around 500 pages long. According to my estimations, it will be finished this summer, the french version at least (I don't think I'm bad in English so the writing of an english version is not impossible for me, it will be quite a big undertaking however and help might be needed). I've shared a link on this subreddit months ago (topic :, where the first two acts of the story are featured (the first half of the third one have been completed on the meanwhile). Near the end of this month, I will put another link for the updated version of Act I, II and a big chunk of Act III (up to Chapter XV)
Here's are the main changes from the movie and some of its features :
- Increased length, more akin to an epic movie ( than your average summer blockbuster.
- A more adult and darker tone, similar to Crichton novels or HBO's Westworld. While most of Act I is quite kid friendly with the park's visit and the characters introduction, the same can't be said for the latter parts of Act II and Act III in its entirety, espacially for some scenes of the latter due to their harsh nature.
- More accurate animals even though if the species introduced in the previous installments keep their appearence while the concept of different versions is discussed in one of the scenes.
- A larger cast and bestiary.
- A different esthetic for the park. While the most remote parts of it have a safari feel akin to what can be seen in Universal's Parks or Jurassic Park itself, the main hub is a ancient-looking city called Burroughs and whose architecture have heavy precolombian and Spanish revival style inspirations.
- Although it is mostly based on JW, it also includes some elements from Fallen Kingdom.
- A 3 Acts structure like I mentioned earlier, with a prologue set at the beginning of the construction of JW in the early 2000's and an epilogue heavily inspired by one of the original novel scenes.

Here's the list of the chapters :

I wrote on one of the answers of another post that I will post on this subreddit summaries of the finished chapters. Today, I will publish the ones of the Prologue and Act I's chapters. The next ones should come later this month or in the next one.
But before reading them, I think it's better to have a look on this list of the characters I created for this story, to know who is who because some of them are mentioned in the summaries.
InGen Jurassic World employees Regina Powers, public relations director. Jonas, head zookeeper and curator of the large theropods. Lambert Ross, manager of the Merry Iguanodon. Neil Harrimann, control room technician. Ivan Preston, Wu’s most trusted genetician.
InGen Security (the slayers) Gregor Sherman, leader of the slayers. Damian Parker, the youngest of the slayers. Olivia Decker, Sherman's right hand woman. Paco Cortès, a Tun-Si. Nolan Olsen Reynald Faraci Kevin Leng
Board of directors Susan Lynton, vice president. Alistair Iger, public relations director and spokesman of InGen. Dominick Silverman, chief financial officer.
Grey Guard Nublar's garrison Gilbert Brunet, a french ex-mercenary who became a lieutenant in the Grey Guard. Nataliya Darbinian, the russian warrant officer of Brunet’s platoon. Leif Drekanson, a norwegian sergeant in Brunet’s platoon. Erin Laurence, an australian lieutenant. Duncan Glenmore, a scottish lieutenant. Patience Bellamy, an american sergeant in Brunet’s platoon. Julio Velasquez, a costarican recruit. Tamara Durant, an american recruit. Mei Tian, a chinese recruit. Gareth Turner, an english recruit. Ben Rahim, an egyptian recruit. Vincent Chapuy, a french corporal. Percy Baker, a jamaican corporal.
Five Death's garrisons Niall Forrester, a canadian private. Selma Forrester, a canadian private. Zhuge Yu, a chinese lieutenant.
Others Cassandra Landis, journalist.

Prologue : The End of a Reign
After an opening scroll describing what happened after the San Diego incident and explaining the reasons behind the construction of Jurassic World, the story opens in some misty tropical rainforest and we witness a boa constrictor being preyed upon by an harpy eagle. The bird brings its prey at the top of a large tree and begins to eat but suddenly, a helicopter emerges from the mist, flying very close to the canopy. Said helicopter is actually searching somekind of large creature in the jungle. When the shooter onboard spots its, he informs a ground team about this.
On the ground, a small group of vehicles (the same thant the one used by the hunters in TLW) drives quickly. From a cage which top one of the vehicles, Hoskins lead the operation. He orders his men to stop in a small meadow and to wait for the target which is coming in their direction. As their target, a very large animal, emerges from the jungle, he orders the activation of a ultrasound-producing box. As the animal is bothered by the ultrasound and flees, Hoskins get a glimpse of it while its tails brush past the top of the cage, their target is non other than an adult T.rex. Hoskins order his men to follow the dinosaur and to force him to head in a certain direction. A jeep gets too close to the jaws of the T.rex and angered, the animal rams the vehicle with his head and the jeep barely escape the attack but doing so, it rolls on a big root and crashes. Inside the helicopter, the hunter put darts in his rifle and aims at the T.rex as it is heading towards a field. He misses his shot the first time but as the dinosaur is now in the open, he has a clearer view and this time he succesfully manage to tranquilise the animal which roars. The vehicles exit the jungle and circles the dinosaur, preventing it to go back into the jungle and the hunters wait for the tranquilizer to act. The body of the dinosaur is then put into a large truck by a flying crane. The vehicles used in the hunt are parked next to the truck and the hunters are relaxing while a documentalist is filming them and the tranquilised T.rex. Hoskins congratulates his men for the successful capture. They leave the area, escorting the transport truck, while passing next to decaying electrical fences and driving on one of Jurassic Park’s roads, now partially covered by grass. The Convoy enter the Embrace, a large U-shaped Valley (where the Gallimimus Stampede was witnessed by Grant and the kids in JP), heading towards a tunnel dug in the mountains. They enter and the vehicle emerges in a forested area but as one part of the road was taken away by a landslide, the convoy leave the road and exit the forest. As they are crossing a hilly zone, the documentalist takes her camera to photograph the skeleton of a brachiosaur as the convoy drive past it. Another skeleton is half-sunked in a waterhole and the convoy head towards the south-east, driving past cliffs overlooking a river called the Cartago. A few minutes later, they arrives at a bridge spanning the Rio Iris gorge and pass a portal guarded by armed men. As they are heading towards their destination, they see workers building some construction at the top of a rocky spur. The convoy descends into a valley and arrives in a construction site extending over dozens of hectares where workers and cranes are being busy around the skeleton of large buildings or digging a giant mine-looking hole in the middle of the site. The vehicles split up and the transport truck heads towards a complex delimited by giants walls. While Hoskins is talking with a cheerful Masrani at the other end of the telephonic line, the T.rex is being put in a quarantine paddock connected to its future paddock, still under construction. Nothing seems to threaten Jurassic World's construction.
Night fall and work stop for the day. On a ridge north of the Rio Iris, a female proceratosaurus is watching the camp. She then journeys accross the island back to the lair of her clan, located in the decaying jurassic park visitor center. Among the labs, several nests were built and next to one of them, the mate of the proceraotsaure awaits and together, they watch the first eggs of their clutch hatch.

Chapter I : A Long Expected Journey
The chapter starts with Zach and Gray arrival in Costa Rica on the 23rd December 2017. They board into a bus at Juan Santamarià Airport in San José, travel to the Pacific Coast and stops at Caldera, a port near Puntarenas, where they enter into a ferry terminal owned by Ogen Cruiselines, one of Masrani’s Global subsidiaries. There, the two brothers board into the largest ship of the company’s fleet, a 200 m+ ferry named The Avalon. When it leaves the harbour, it’s around midnight and the journey to Nublar taking between six and seven hours, the boys spend the night in their cabin.
They awoke the following morning before dawn. As Gray is walking the Avalon’s promenade deck, the ship enters into a thick veil of mist and passes near huge tower-like rock formations. As passengers are gathering on the bow, Isla Nublar slowly appears. The Avalon follow the southern coast of the island northward, heading to the Ferry Terminals, between the coast and a mountain. The passengers disembarks and inside said building, they take a metro that drives them through the mountain overlooking the terminal. They exit the cave and stumble into a narrow pass between the mountain’s spurs. At the end of the pass, their way is blocked by a massive wall that looks straight out of King Kong in their eyes, with a huge gate at its center, flanked by two massive tyrannosaur heads sculpts. A recorded voice, provided in-universe by one certain famous sci-fi actress, greets the newly arrived guests as an orchestral music with choirs plays. The gate finally opens, letting the visitors enter into the park. Behind the gate is Hammond’s Plaza, whose name is drawn from the statue of John Hammond that stands at its center. While Zach meets Zara, Gray goes to the panoramic viewpoint at the end of the plaza, overlooking Burroughs and the 25 hectares lagoon around which the city was built but also giving a view on a large part of the island, including the Cartago Valley, the Misty Monts and, at the northern end of the island, Mont Sibo.

Chapter II : The Eighth Wonder of the World
After they drop their luggage at their aunt’s house, the boys are bringed by to the Eastern Boardwalk. Since they have to met Claire in the volcano-shaped Discovery Center, they must take said boardwalk and Richard Owen Avenue, both featuring quite a number of shops and restaurants. As they walk in the busy avenue, the crowd in front of them make way to somekind of old-fashioned tramway but instead of being drawn by horses like in Disneyland, they are by mantellisaurs. Stepping out of the mantellisaurs and carriage’s way, they proceed and reach the Obelisk Plaza, cross it and reach the stairs leading to the bronze gates of the Discovery Center, guarded by two life-size giraffatitans stone statues. Entering the building, they head to the spacious rotunda, which main feature is a huge squatch field sized model of Isla Nublar. Claire arrives, chatting with two of her colleagues about the press conference scheduled for the same morning and complaining about a certain Henry. Once the conversation is done, she greets her nephews and talks briefly with them, telling them that since she will be busy all day, she is the park director after all, Zara will watch over them.
Following Claire’s advices, the brothers begins their tour by the zoo. They visit the Children’s Zoo, encountering and feeding with a special kind of granule avimimi, kunbarassaurs, hypsilophodonts and the juveniles of the largers herbivores that populate other attractions, including young ceratopsians which children can ride like shetland ponies ; have a glimpse of a presentation show where a zookeeper feeds a dimorphodon with mice ; passes next to the pachyrhinosaurs enclosure and walks after straight ahead to the Tyrannosaur’s Kingdom. As Gray watch the T.rex feeding, he notices that Zach is texting and Zara is on her phone, seeming to not pay attention the superpredator that is in front of their eyes, underlining the idea that watching live prehistoric creatures have became an experience not too dissimlar from watching a movie in 3D or riding a rollercoaster. This serves as a good transition to the beginning of the next chapter.

Chapter III : Panem Et Circenses
We come back to Claire as she is in the middle of the press conference that was mentioned earlier, It’s purpose is to discuss about the future of Jurassic World, including the development of its franchise (two others parks are planned to be built in Mediterranea and Southern China) and the direction that the Isla Nublar park will take. She mentions the phenomena of the normalization of cloned prehistoric animals in modern society, explaining that millions of people have seen them live at least once in their lifetime since the opening of Jurassic World, they are all over the internet, and InGen is selling animals to zoos and aquarias worldwide. That brings her to pretend that they need something very unique for their next new attraction, a man-made dinosaur species : The Indominus rex. In a short video, the attraction name is revealed : The I.rex Colosseum, scheduled to open in July 2018. Claire turns to Wu and he answers some of the journalists questions before playing an explanatory video featuring Mr DNA and himself in which they delivers a vulgarization of the process that aims to create entirely new species from scratch. The conference proceeds and ends around 11 a.m.
Leaving the Discovery Center like all the attendants to the conference, Claire brings along with her the envoys of a potential sponsor and they drive out of Burroughs, passing near the Administration building, sitting on the top of a rocky spur like a fortress or a monastery, before entering into a canyon that leads to an helipad at the base of a tall waterfall, the same one that was used in the time of Jurassic Park. Claire and the envoys waits there for the helicopter that will take them to the Colosseum and it lands shortly after. They notice that Simon Masrani is flying the aircraft, he greets them and Claire, surprised by his unexpected visit. They take off and the helicopter then heads north-east first, flying over apatosaurs and corythosaurs drinking in the Rio Iris gorges as one of the Jungle Cruise boats floating down the river and later, in the middle of the Cartago river, a group of baryonyx feasting on the arapaimas that zookeepers on the upper deck of one of the boats are feeding to them. They then bypass the Cartago Aviary, the largest in the whole world, encompassing over twenty hectares and being 200 meters tall at the top of its geodesic dome, and housing several pterosaurs species like geosternbergia, rhamphorhynchus and tupandactylus in a spectacular lush gorge and waterfalls environment. After a passage near the northern summit of the Misty Monts, the helicopter turns west, fly over a group of therizinosaurs, and enters the Embrace (a.k.a Kaaawa Valley for those familiar with the saga’s filming locations) where they see some safari trucks and herds of several dinosaurs, including dryosaurs, gallimimi, triceratops, parasaurolophuses and two mamenchisaurs near which the envoys sees a small group of riders wearing dark green-grey uniforms and watching over the dinosaurs and groups of tourists in the trucks. Masrani turns north and flies over one of the mountainous range encompassing the valley, heading first towards Mount Sibo. As they behold the desolate landscape at the volcano’s foot, one of the envoy ask Claire if they fear the effects of an eruption. She reassure them by saying they have taken every precaution recommended by the consulted volcanologists (i.e digging trenches to prevent fluid lava flows from reaching key installations), that a minor eruption in 2006 have actually attracted people on the island, and telling them that the volcano provides over sixty pourcent of their energy through the geothermal power plant. She points the Colosseum and Masrani lands shortly after on the margins of the construction site.
They joins at its entrance Claire’s colleagues, Wu and the journalists. As they all heads towards the enclosure itself, not located in the colloseum which is only the show area but located further away, encompassing a cirque, Claire and Masrani talks about the conflicts Park Management have with the Grey Guard, saying that if they have delays it’s because of them. The group then meets with Jonas, head zookeeper and large theropods curator, and while he talks to it about the enclosure and its denizen, Claire goes to see what captain Katashi Hamada, the commanding officer of the Grey Guard’s garrison on Nublar and who was waiting for them alongside Jonas, wants from her. Once again, he ask the park director about the large security bunkers needed according to him and his colleagues in case of large-scale disaster. She tells him that they will see that after the press tour and she comes back to the group who has spotted howler monkeys in the enclosure. They are scattered away by a roar from the I.rex. The chimera dinosaur stay hidden behind the thick vegetation of the enclosure. Masrani asks about the second specimen cloned and Claire answers that she was devoured by her sister. The I.rex being the subject of some not-so pleasing surprises, Masrani worries a bit and asks her about Owen Grady’s opinion on the matter. The press tour of the colosseum concludes with a test showing. Masrani, Claire, the envoys and Wu take place in the vip lodge as the groups sit on regular bleachers. Amovible walls and roof began to move, obscurating the sunlight and plunging the arena in total darkness. A portcullis is lift up, letting the I.rex enters the arena. Spotlights project the I.rex shape on the audience.
We cut to the achillobators training scene. It plays very much like in the movie and just like in it, it’s followed by a debate between on one side Owen and Barry, and on the other Hoskins but here, informations on competition existing between InGen and other biotech companies are given (Among other things, a safari park housing animals from the ice age and situated near Toula in Russia is mentioned). During the conversation, Owen receives a text message from Claire, asking where and when she can meet him later in the evening. Again like in the movie, Leon falls from the walkway into the enclosure, albeit in a different manner, but in this version, Owen orders him to stay behind him and they slowly back away from the raptors, following behaviours and gestures that are adopted by nature guides in Africa when confronted to lions and other dangerous game. Owen and Leon manage to leave the enclosure unharmed but the former reprimand the latter, telling him to show himself more cautious the next time before asking him to pay his and Barry’s beers in the evening as a retribution. Hoskins muses about the way Grady managed to have, in his eyes, control over the achillobators.

Chapter IV : Sunset O'er Isla Nublar
Claire, Masrani and co returns to Burroughs where an contract with the envoys is signed. Before going back to her office, claire pass by the control room for a daily checking. She have a debate with Lowery about the I.rex and the sponsoring around her.
Zach and Gray attends the mosasaur feeding show and once it’s over, as the bleachers brought them down below the lagoon surface, they meet up with Zara and visit the oceanarium, made of not only the mosasaur lagoon but also other lagoons that together forms the big lagoon, separated from one another by barrier reefs that converges towards an underwater mountain located at the very center of the lagoon called Mount Thetis, which houses aswell the submarine tour base. After walking through subaquatic tunnels and viewing galleries, the trio goes back to the surface and passes in front of the nothosaurs enclosure. While Gray is petting henodus in a touching pool (similar in design to the ones that exists in many aquarias and marine animals parks over the world), Zach gets a phone call from their mother, Karen.
After being told by Zach that Claire is not with them, Karen phones then to her half-sister, then working in her office, and they argue about this and other family matters. They coldly ends the conversation and Claire decides to go out on the attenant balcony to relax herself, overlooking Burroughs as she drinks sips of some alcohol glass.
Near 5 p.m, Wu arrives at the hilltop Masrani’s hacienda and him and the indian billionaire talks about the day, with Masrani’s preasing the indominus and Wu’s efforts. They then sits in the terrace and drinks tea as the sun sets and dinosaurs come to drink at a nearby lake. The two soon have a conversation about Wu’s proposal to update some of the oldest species cloned by InGen and begin to slowly replace the old versions individuals by others from new and more scientifically-accurate versions (a scene which is very inspired by the version 4.4 chapter from Crichton’s novel where Wu and Hammond discusses on the same subject). Both debate, with Masrani showing himself reluctant and saying that reaching scientific accuracy is nothing but delusion since new discoveries will make current representions obsolete, making the pursuit of this ideal a never-ending race. Once their conversation on that subject is over, they drink to the park’s prosperity and the future success of the I.rex as an attraction.
In the I.rex enclosure, an old howler monkey is left behind by his troop. As he tries to flee, the I.rex catches and eat it.
Chapter V : The Merry Iguanodon
>! Night has fallen over Isla Nublar but while the animals areas had been closed for most of them, the park is not yet devoid of activity, far from it as both guests and employees goes to dine and entertain themselves in Burroughs restaurants, bars and other leisure places for the evening. Claire is dining with her nephews in the Winston’s steakhouse. While Gray is in the toilets, Claire tells Zach about her conversation with their mother. When they exit the restaurant, Claire ask Gray if he wants to go to the cinema but he declines, saying that he is tired, but the oldest of the brothers that he will stay a bit longer in the area and ask her aunt if there is some nice bar there. She recommends the Merry Iguanodon, where she have to meet Owen a bit later. As Claire bring Gray back to her house, Zach wanders around the Obelisk Plaza, the large pond east of the Discovery Center, the facilities located under the Grand Nublarian Hotel overlooking said pond (among them there is a casino and a cinema multiplex), the Eastern Boardwalk. Following Claire’s indications, he founds the Merry Iguanodon tavern and enters it. Zara bump into him there and she apologizes for the distant behaviour she had with the brothers. Lowery and Vivian, who are friends with Zara, arrives and Zara asks Zach if he wants to join them. He accept and while heading towards them, they pass next to Leon, who is telling his fellow interns his near-death experience with the achillobators. Barry appears in his back and reminds him that he must pay two beers. Leon complies, brings the beers at Owen and Barry’s table and takes his leave from them. The two zookeepers then talks about the potential reasons behind Claire’s need to talk to Owen. Claire arrives in time and she and Owen go outside, while her assistant, the two control room technicians and Zach discretly watches them. After losing a game, Zara have tell to Zach the story of Claire and Owen’s secretive but intense relationship. !<
While talking about Masrani’s request, Claire and Owen goes to the lower terrace and stops there, as a sound and light show takes place on the previously mentioned pond. They end up arguing a bit about the flingy relationship they had a couple of years earlier but they soon focuses back to the inspection requested by Masrani and agrees on a rendezvous time at the colosseum for the following morning, when the I.rex will be subject to an operation whose purpose is to implant into her a new tracking implant. They wish a good evening to eachother and Claire leaves. We come back to Zach, Zara, Lowery and Vivian as they still talk about the latter three’s boss affair with the raptor’s whisperer.
Hamada and two other guards, the Forrester couple, arrives after and go upstrair in a separated room where a non-negligeable part of Nublar’s garrison are off-duty and relaxing. While Hamada sits with the other officers and join them in their game of cards, the two Forresters go to meet the five recruits that incorporated the guard this year. One of them being the niece of a lieutenant stationed in the Five Deaths, they pass her uncle’s greetings to her. Hamada tells his colleagues that Claire informed him that it will be a no for the bunkers he recommanded. The other officers are disappointed and displeaded by the news. After a game of darts, the Forresters and the recruits sits and the couple tells them more about the Five Deaths and the reasons that push soldiers and forces of order members from all over the world to serve in the Grey Guard. The manager of the Merry Iguanodon, Lambert Ross, enters the room and asks what Hamada and the Forresters want to drink. They order but when a waiter arrives with the drinks, a tremor. Being of small to medium magnitude, it’s not strong enough to do any signficant damage and Central America being quite a geologically active region, most of the people on the island aren’t that worried despite being surprised. However, when Roberta unleashes a powerful but plaintive roar, echoeing in all of Burroughs and its valley, Hamada worries since the T.rex didn’t do the same thing before the 2006 small eruption. Sharing with the others the signs they witnessed (odd behaviour from the wildlife and the park’s denizens, worrisome readings coming from the Geothermal Power Plant…), many guards fears than a larger eruption is set to happen soon. Durant, one of the recruits, think it will be the end of the island but Glenmore reassures her by saying that the Sibo isn’t the Santorini’s volcano, Mt St Helens or the Krakatoa while another guard, an amerindian costarican who knows a lot about Nublar’s history, mentions that despite having entering into eruption several times across history, Nublar didn’t exploded or sank into the ocean, and that the only victims of the Sibo were spanish settlers who built their colony, San Fernandez, a bit too close from the volcano. Said colony was destroyed at the end of the 16th century and it being located not too far from where the I.rex Colloseum is being built, the officers fear that the trench whose purpose is to protect the attraction from any lava flows will not be completed in time, making the evacuation of the I.rex a possibility. The I.rex having a bad reputation among the guards, some states that they will let her die if that happen and rants about the Park Management desire to display the largest and viciousest beasts that they can make because they are the one who attracts people on the island. Lambert tells them that Masrani and Park Management have became too confident over time and that most park executives ignores what exactly had to be made to make Isla Nublar safe again. He reveals to the recruits that he worked before as an henchman for InGen Security. He narrates the aftermath of Roberta’s capture, stating that this event wroke havoc among the already fragile ecosystem of Nublar by allowing the smaller carnivores, whose populations were kept in check by the T.rex, to multiply and eat all the herbivores that weren’t captured before turning themselves to the most abundant kind of meat on the island, manflesh. Lambert tells that one night, a horde of proceratosaurs raided InGen’s camp, killing many people and snatching others, This attack marked the beginning of a series of conflicts opposing InGen to the feral predatory dinosaurs : The Saurian War. During that « war », Lambert was badly wounded (he limps and have one eye hidden behind an eyepatch) and spended the rest of the it in an hospital bed. His wounds were inflicted by one of the infamous three gorgons, a trio of dilophosaurs, whose venom half-blinded him. Aside from the three gorgons who were shot after weeks of tracking and some of the herrerasaurs who were captured and integrated into Jurassic World collection, Lambert ignores what happend precisely to the proceratosaurs. Some of them were indeed captured aswell to be put for the rest of their lives in the quarantaine paddocks and still lives but they were only a fraction of their population. How InGen Security dealt with the others is still a mystery and all related informations are classified. After telling his story, Lambert leaves and the guards goes back to what they were doing before the tremor.
Chapter VI : A Dragon's awakening
>! Near half past seven on the morning of Christmas Eve, Lowery goes to work on his bicycle while humming the main theme of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. He is the first of the control room’s day team to arrive and when Vivian and the rest of his colleagues arrives, he talks with her and some of them about their plans for the evening. Meanwhile, the I.rex is being tranquilised.!<
We then follows Owen as he drives north on his motorbike, towards the Colosseum. He arrives there and meets up with Claire. They enter the construction site and while theye enter the Colosseum and climbs the bleachers, they talk about the I.rex genetic composition and Owen can’t help but to make fun of many things concerning the chimera dinosaur before warning Claire about the ethical drifts that the I.rex creation can create and the fact that they don’t exactly know how her physiology works (they talk mainly about the choosen amount of tranq administrated to the I.rex with Owen stating the same thing that Muldoon says in the novel concerning the amount of tranquiliser to choose with large animals). They arrive near the entrance of the surveillance room, guarded by Darbinian, where he must join Jonas and some of the guards (Brunet, Tian and Velasquez in addition to Darbinian) to start the inspection, wish to eachother merry christmas and he heads to the room. Darbinian lets him pass and he finds Jonas and Brunet finishing their breakfast and the two forementioned recruits drinking coffee. He greets them and as he is pouring himself some coffee, Darbinian teases him about the rumors concerning his relationship with Claire. Owen then asks Jonas and Brunet how the I.rex is and they answers by listing some negative adjectives. Once they are ready, Brunet orders Darbinian to stay in the room and Tian and Velasquez to come with them. They goes down to the I.rex lair where Owen sees gnawed-on bones. Jonas explains him that when the I.rex is fed carcasses, she took them to the lair where she rapidly eat them before gnawing the bones during hours. He leaves Owen and the guards to the inspection and goes to the holding area, where the I.rex is being operated in her indoor enclosure.
The veterinarian administrate the I.rex, whose body is covered with a surgical drape, an anesthetic at the base of the neck, where the tracking device is to be implanted. But as he is ready to cut the skin and the flesh there, he notices that they left the needed hand circular saw in their ambulance. One of his two assistants proposes himself to go to the ambulance and bring it back.
Owen and the guards arrive to the enclosure wall and sees the claws marks on the wall. They tell him that the I.rex often does this, sometimes in front of the guards standing in the miradors, like if she wanted to provock them that way. They head to the wooded area of the enclosure.
As she is looking over the I.rex health record, the assistant that remained with the vet shares with him her concerns, stating that the weight she gaine and her current appetite is abnormally higher from what they expected. The vet ask her if she thinks the I.rex is pregnant before saying it’s ridiculous. They mention the eggs found in the ruins of Jurassic Park during the 1994 expedition and the consequences of the inclusion of west african frog DNA inside the dinosaurs genomes. The assistant brings the idea that the potential offspring of the I.rex might be the result of a parthenogenetic process and adds that since Wu didn’t reveal the integrality of the I.rex genomic composition, they don’t know if he made another mistake by including the DNA of some species able to reproduce itself through parthenogenesis. The vet reassures her assistant by promising her they will do the necessary tests the next month if that can take away her concerns.
In the wooded part of the enclosure, Owen finds a howler’s monkey paw and deduces that it was devoured by the I.rex. Tian wonder why the I.rex had done that since monkeys are way too small to be considered as suitable preys for a dinosaur of her size. Owen answers by stating that she doesn’t do that to feed herself, but in a distraction purpose. He then recapitulates everything they have seen until now and admits to the guards that he is against displaying the I.rex to the public. Brunet proposes him that they go the indoor enclosure to see how things are going there and he agrees.
His other assistant had return on the meanwhile with the hand circular saw on the meanwhile, the vet begin to cut the I.rex skin with but suddenly, a malfunction in the ventilation creates a strong draft that sends sheets flying all over the place. The same assistant that brought back the saw is charged by the other to pick them all. He does this but the other assistant tells him that one of the sheet had slid under the drape, next to their patient head. The assistant goes under the drap and notices that the sheet went under the jaws. He tries to lift them up and not without efforts, he manages to pull the sheet out but after he launched a scream of satisfaction, he hears the I.rex opening one of her eyes. Paralysed by fear, he tries to move or scream to warn his colleagues but can’t do it properly and the I.rex raise her upper lip, revealing her rows of teeth. He finally screams and the vet makes out for the door but a tail swing push him to the ground. One of the zookeepers that was watching the operation at the other side of the enclosure heavy railings, rushes to a panel on the wall to push an alarm button, warning everyone in the vicinity and the control room at the other end of the island. The other assistant rushes to pull out her colleague far as possible from the I.rex head but when she grabs him, the chimera closes her jaws around the lower half of his body, letting the upper half to his victim’s colleague who screams in terror and panicks. While the drap is still covering her, the I.rex stands up. The vet put himself quickly on his feet but seeing that the I.rex stands between him and the man-sized gate in the railing, he exits the enclosure right into the tunnel that connects the arena to the enclosures and taken before by the assistant when he went outside, rushing to the door at is other end. When the zookeepers came back with electroshocking ammo rifles, he is too far away to be within earshot. Grady and the guards arrive aswell and the first go inside the enclosure to get the remaining assistant out of there as Jonas and another zookeeper, standing between the gate and the I.rex, shot on the exposed body parts of the predator. She repels the two zookeepers out the enclosure with a tail blow and swiftly turns, making the medical devices attached to her flies over Owen and the assistant who are forced to crouches down to avoid getting hit, before closing the gate and ramming it with her head to break it and trap Owen and the assistant with her. The two runs to the tunnel, heading towards the same normal-sized gate to which the vet headed. The latter had arrived before it but as he is looking for the keys that open it, he reminds that he gave to the assistant who still had them when the I.rex ripped him in half. The beast roaring at the two humans that are running away from her, the vet fears for his life and through a panel, opens a larger gate in which the small one is integrated and big enough to let trucks pass through. But as he flees outside, he forgets to engage the closing process. Seeing this, Brunet contacts the control room and orders the technicians to close it but Lowery, fearing that he will trap Owen and the assistant by doing so, heavily hesitate. However, the closing process is still engaged. A CCTV footage that Darbinian has done this from the surveillance room in the Colloseum. Owen and the assistant are still running but suddenly the latter collapses on the ground, with a lot of blood pouring out of a wound on her throat. Wondering how the I.rex was able to inflict said wound from a distance, Owen accelerates and rushes out of the tunnel as the door is almost closed. Outside of the facility, a large veil of mist covers the parking and Owen goes to hide under a tipper truck as the door is about to break under the I.rex assaults. Knowing that the I.rex could easily find him because of his scent, Owen cut a pipe and pours fuel all over him. The gate finally fall and the Indominus walk on the parking but the mist is so thick that Owen sees only her feet when she passes near him. The indominus pick the vet scent, who is hiding behind the Veterinary Services ambulance, and as she silently gets closer to him, Owen has only a glimpse of her general shape. When she is close enough of the vet, she brutally throw the ambulance on its side and stand over her screaming prey before shutting up her prey by closing her monstrous jaws on him. Owen stays still under the truck, praying not to be found, but suddenly gunshots are fired, scaring away the I.rew which flees and disappear into the jungle. Once he thinks it’s safe enough to get out, Owen screams to let his presence be known and crawl away from the truck. The guards, zookeppers and J-SEC agents arrives and Brunet asks Owen in which direction the I.rex went before telling the garrison that they have work to do.

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it and I will gladly answer to any question.

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Operation Wildfire Maps Tier List

Played through all the maps and here's my rankings and some descriptions. These rankings are based on fun in MM and not competitive viability.
1 . cruise
Really fun map and also the only hostage one of the set, made by the same guy who made workout which I also thought was really fun. Lots of big open rooms with a cool 3-story layout and very visually pleasing. Has cool stuff like a basketball court, casino, piano, and an arcade (with DDR!!!) MORE PEOPLE QUEUE FOR THIS MAP PLEASE!
2 . tulip
A bit of a clusterfuck but it's unique, fun to play on, and visually pleasing. It's set in the Netherlands so it's got dispensaries and bikes everywhere. Mid is wide open and great for awping and there's tons of crazy hallways near B. Don't jump in the water at T spawn or under B - you will die (mid is safe though).
3 . coast
Pretty basic large map layout with 2 entrances to A & B and a mid area with connectors. The connectors in mid are kind of wonky and rotates are pretty slow, but nice map overall.
4 . royal
Nice map but somewhat of a clusterfuck. The only game I played on it we won super fast so I haven't really experienced the B site much, but A has a huge interesting banana that wraps all the way around the site which I thought was pretty cool, the rest of the map seemed super close quarters and narrow though.
5 . santorini
Not a bad map but was a bit let down since I was pretty hyped for it. Overall I'd say the map has a bit too much going on with the overlapping on the T side of the map. Many of the halls near A also felt a bit too close-quarters for me. Other than the overlapping it's pretty standard though and looks pretty nice.
6 . empire
Someone in one of my games described it as "Nuke if it overdosed and had an abortion". Fair assessment IMO. It's got an upper + lower site layout connected by 2 sets of vents similar to nuke, but it differs in that there's an outside area on both sides of the central warehouse (I recommend using East side & West side as callouts because "outside" is useless). The outside areas only lead to the lower site and the CT half of the map, so the A site and map overall just feels pretty awkward to me. The map also looks pretty ass. I also get pretty low FPS on this map so it probably needs some performance tweaks.
7 . mikla
This map is fucking AIDS. Imagine dust2 if the doors in mid were removed and you had to use 2 smokes to cover the gap to get to B. Now imagine that the T's can shoot you from tunnel as you are entering the site and you've pretty much got A site on mikla. It's basically impossible to access the A side of the map unless you wait to throw 2 smokes in mid. But because of the positioning of the mid cross for CTs, you have to wait for a couple seconds to get across safely which gives the T's enough time to flood out of the chokepoint in the A site, making it pretty much impossible to get any control of the site before getting destroyed. On top of it, the rotate time to flank A is long as fuck and it's super easy for T's to smoke & hold the other chokes when the CT's are trying to retake A. It's kind of hard to describe but if you play CT side on this map you are going to fucking hate it.
Pretty disappointed with the nuke rework but I was expecting worse. First off I gotta say it looks pretty ass, the map looks like it's made of ugly legos and the visibility in outside has gotten a bit worse. I'm sure most of you know what all they changed but I don't really think it's going to change much about the map except being a slightly more T sided. I guess people's idea of a perfect map is one that splits 8-7 every time.... boring.
Lower - I was happy they brought back the hallway connecting toxic to backhall to make the lower site more flexible for holds and post plant.
A site - I get why they removed half of the rafter on A but it's still going to be pretty easy for CT's to hold since there's a ton of other spots to play (also why the fk did they not just block off the rafters with an actual object instead of making a skybox there... I hate that shit).
Lobby - Looks pretty ugly IMO and I'm not a fan of the narrow hut and weird new angles / floor heights
Outside - I think a lot of people are under the impression that T's are going to dominate outside now but there's also a bunch of new spots for CT's to play now. Pretty much every team just went for Outside / Ramp control on T side nuke and I think it's likely to stay that way. I miss skyflashes D:
The performance is also god awful but I'm imagining they're going to fix that soon.
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Santorini – Boat Trip to Oia (with Costa Luminosa) Top 10 Things to Know BEFORE Visiting SANTORINI Greece ... Thunderbird Resort & Casino - The Santorini of Asia - YouTube Regency Casino Mont Parnes Greece Mein Lehrer hat mich benutzt!  feat. @Kostas Kind - YouTube 3 DAYS IN SANTORINI, GREECE!  Prettiest Sunset on Earth ... Honeymoon Petra Villas - 5* Santorini Luxury Hotel ...

Answer 1 of 5: Any suggestions for good night club in Santorini/Mykonos? I am visiting there around May 10th. Do we have casinos over there too? What are the usual charges for these clubs or casinos? Answer 1 of 5: Any suggestions for good night club in Santorini/Mykonos? I am visiting there around May 10th. Do we have casinos over there too? What are the usual charges for these clubs or casinos? Greece casinos and gambling guide includes information like: A Greece casino list, poker tournament listing, slots info, pari-mutuel (greyhounds & horses), Texas Hold'em, and more. Find casino contact details and view photos of every casino in Greece. Casino of Xanthi. The Casino of Xanthi is found within five minutes drive from the town of Xanthi, in Thrace, Northern Greece. This casino was built in 1995 and recently a luxurious hotel was constructed close to the casino building. Among its games, there is American roulette, blackjack tables, stand joker tables and slot machines. Casino of Corfu Casino hotels 13. Historical hotels 13. Show less Show more. Review rating. Excellent 4.5+ 6. Very Good 4+ 7. Hotel facilities. 24-hour reception 13. Airport shuttle 10. Wi-Fi ... Santorini island Greece. Santorini sunsets over caldera are the best in the world. Santorini Hotels: Hotel Majestic 5 Star Conference Spa hotel, Vallas apartments, Villas, Kamari beach hotel, Scirocco hotel in Thira town.

[index] [25182] [28437] [26253] [31313] [7175] [3066] [16879] [33418] [3904] [4243]

Santorini – Boat Trip to Oia (with Costa Luminosa)

Truly the prettiest sunset on earth. I LOVE GREECE!!! Next stop: (my favorite) PAROS!!!!THE GREECE TRIP I'M ON: ($100 off w/ ... Sharing my pics during my 32nd birthday and my stay at the Santorini of Asia - Thunderbird Resort and Casino in San Fernando La Union #Bma #BroadcastmyAss #YouTube Episode 6 – Part B: Mein Lehrer hat mich benutzt! Inhalt: Die neue Video-Plattform von Timmy und Stein ist ein voller Erfolg! D... 28/05/2019 – Santorini – Boat Trip to Oia PT// Quando chega ao porto de Fira e quer visitar Oia, a melhor opção é apanhar um barco que faz esta ligação em 30 minutos com regresso à ... CASINO WINS by Blueheart Recommended for you. 11:52. athens airport, greece - Duration: 2:23. greece Recommended for you. 2:23. Loutraki, Greece - New Apartments for Sale - Real Estate Greece - ma Experience unforgettable moments of luxury at Honeymoon Petra 5* hotel in Imerovigli Santorini. Enjoy the unique caldera view from our Infinity edge pool!Cin... Follow us LIVE as we travel! 👉 us on Patreon: We go through our top ...